What episode does Aiden die in CSI NY?

What episode does Aiden die in CSI NY?

In the penultimate season 2 episode, “Heroes”, Aiden, after shadowing Pratt for months, is lured, ambushed, and brutally murdered by him, her body incinerated inside a stolen car.

Why did Stella Bonasera leave CSI NY?

The actress’ contract was up after six seasons on CSI:NY When CBS wasn’t willing to give her the deal she wanted, she reportedly decided not to continue with the series. Stella was then written out of the show in Season 7, having moved to New Orleans to run the crime lab.

What happened to Mac on CSI NY?

In the eighth season finale, “Near Death”, Mac is shot during a robbery gone wrong, he finds himself in limbo between life and death. As he fights for his life, the team struggles to keep their emotions in check as they process the evidence and bring the shooter to justice.

Why did Adam leave CSI NY?

In the season five episode “Enough,” Adam receives a letter that his job will be terminated within one month. He is greatly relieved when he finds out it is not Mac’s doing, but instead due to budget cuts.

Who killed Aiden CSI: NY?

D.J. Pratt
D.J. Pratt is a serial rapist, stalker and budding serial killer who appears in season two of CSI: NY. He is known for being the arch-nemesis and later killer of CSI Aiden Burn.

Does Mac and Stella get together?

Despite the two never having a romantic relationship, Stella has always shared a close connection with Mac Taylor. Despite occasional disagreements resulting from Mac’s strictness, they have one of the noticeably closest relationships on the show.

Is Taylor Mac married?

He has been with his husband, architect Patt Scarlett, for 21 years.

Did Stella sleep with Adam?

Stella Bonasera At first glance it seems Stella is almost parental to Adam, lifting his spirits when he’s down and making him feel worthy of his position on the team, but then we get the shock that they sleep together and afterwards when it is brought up in conversation Stella says it shouldn’t have happened and it was …

Where is Adam Rodriguez today?

Rodriguez splits his time between New York City and Los Angeles, and he has a third residence in Puerto Rico. Rodriguez married model Grace Gail in 2016. They have three children, including son Bridgemont Bernard Rodriguez who was born on March 16, 2020.

Why was Aiden Burn fired?

Aiden was dismissed from the team in (Grand Murder at Central Station) after becoming obsessed with a rape case concerning her friend, Regina Bowen. Regina had previously been raped by a man named D.J. Before Aiden left, she got Mac to promise that he would eventually bring Pratt to justice.