What does Kinderszenen mean in English?

What does Kinderszenen mean in English?

Scenes from Childhood
Kinderszenen (German pronunciation: [ˈkɪndɐˌst͡seːnən], “Scenes from Childhood”), Op. 15, by Robert Schumann, is a set of thirteen pieces of music for piano written in 1838.

Who was Kinderszenen written for?

The music was not intended for kids to play, but rather they were composed for adults. In Schumann’s own words, Kinderszenen were “retrospective glances by a parent and for adults.” Schumann originally wrote 30 pieces for the work but selected 13 miniatures for its final version.

What movie is Kinderszenen?

Movements. This is one of Schumann’s best known pieces; it was the title of a 1944 German biographical movie on Robert Schumann. Träumerei is also the opening and closing musical theme in the 1947 Hollywood movie Song of Love, starring Katharine Hepburn as Clara Schumann Wieck.

When did Schumann write traumerei?

In honor of that poorly entitled and numerically challenged course (which will be available in early October), I offer up a brief piano masterwork, one with a story a mile long: Robert Schumann’s Kinderscenen, Op. 15, No. 7 (1838), a piece better known as Träumerei.

Who wrote scenes from childhood?

Robert SchumannKinderszenen / Composer

Written about children, but not written for children, the collection of short piano pieces entitled Kinderszenen (Scenes from Childhood) by Robert Schumann was a gift to Clara Wieck in 1838, two years before they were finally married.

How do you pronounce traumerei?


  1. IPA: /ˌtʁɔɪ̯məˈʁaɪ̯/
  2. Hyphenation: Träu‧me‧rei.
  3. Audio. (file)

Is Schumann easy?

Sure the notes may be easy but musically Schumann is not exactly the easiest composer. It’s easy to play a piece with easy notes, but it almost seems like musically they are more difficult.

Who played Kinderszenen by Robert Schumann?

Widely considered one of the greatest pianists of all time, classical pianist Vladimir Horowitz plays Robert Schumann’s Kinderszenen (original spelling Kinderscenen, “Scenes from Childhood”), Opus 15, a set of thirteen pieces of music for piano written on during the spring of 1838. Recorded in Vienna in 1987.

How many pieces of music did Schumann write for Kinderszenen?

Schumann originally wrote 30 pieces for the work but selected 13 miniatures for its final version. The discarded pieces were published years later in the collections Bunte Bläter Op.99 and Albumbläter Op.124. The composer´s earliest mention of Kinderszenen occurs in suggestive phrases written into his diary.

Why did Schumann choose the title Kindergeschichten?

Schumann initially intended to publish Kinderszenen together with Novelletten (Opus 21); the shared literary theme is suggested by the original title Kindergeschichten (Children’s Tales).

What is the main theme of Schumann’s “aus der ein der Unterschied zwischen Wirkung”?

The main theme is sweetly innocent and sentimental, clearly representing the adult Schumann’s fond view of aspects of his own childhood. The melody is unforgettable, the harmonies simple, but distinctive, and the overall mood dreamy and soothing.