What does Evernote web Clipper do?

What does Evernote web Clipper do?

Evernote Web Clipper is a browser extension that lets you save interesting things you find on the web directly to your Evernote account. Save what matters Clip web pages, articles, or PDFs and save them in Evernote. Screen capture full pages or just the parts you want—without distracting ads and sidebars.

Are Web Clippers safe?

Web Clipper, an extension that allows users to save screenshots of webpages, emails, images, articles, etc., had a vulnerability that provided hackers with easy access to the websites accessed by its 4.5 million users before it was fixed on May 31, 2019.

Is there an Evernote web Clipper for Safari?

The Evernote Web Clipper is available for the following desktop browsers: Chrome (Windows and Mac) Safari (Windows and Mac) Firefox (Windows and Mac)

Does Evernote web Clipper work on IPAD?

Similar to how Web Clipper on your computer allows you to save content to your Evernote account, the share extension built into iOS and Android allows you to save content from your mobile device.

Does Evernote work on Chrome?

Evernote launches on Chrome OS and sees 3X increase in time spent on larger screen devices. Evernote’s mission is to help individuals and groups remember everything, turn ideas into action, and work effortlessly together.

How do I get rid of Evernote Clipper?

To uninstall the Evernote Web Clipper plugin from Safari 5.1 and later:

  1. Open the Safari preferences.
  2. Select the ‘Extensions’ tab.
  3. Click Evernote in the list of installed extensions on the left.
  4. Click Uninstall.
  5. Quit and relaunch Safari.

Why is Evernote web Clipper not working?

In Internet Explorer, go to the tools menu (gear button) and click Manage add-ons > Toolbars and Extensions. Make sure ‘Add to Evernote 5’ is enabled. If it isn’t, enable it then restart your browser.