What did Mean Joe Greene do for Coca-Cola?

What did Mean Joe Greene do for Coca-Cola?

The Clio Award-winning commercial was also responsible reshaping Greene’s previously intimidating “public persona,” according Coca-Cola. In it, Greene at first rebuffs a child (Tommy Okon) who offers him a Coke after a game, only to reconsider, chug the Coke, and offer the boy his jersey.

Where is Tommy Okon now?

Tommy Okon, 9 when the ad was filmed, is now 46, living in Yonkers with his wife and four kids, and running a stone fabrication company in the Bronx. His association with the commercial hasn’t dogged him, he said, because it’s not as if people recognize him or ask him about it daily.

What well known product was Pittsburgh Steelers Mean Joe Greene advertising in his famous Super Bowl ad?

Coca-Cola Company
The Coca-Cola Company took “Mean” Joe Greene and showed the world he was a giant teddy bear in cleats. As Greene was entering the twilight of his career, Coke came calling in 1979 with the offer.

How old is Mean Joe Greene?

75 years (September 24, 1946)Joe Greene / Age
Joe Greene turns 75: Six amazing facts about the Steelers’ greatest player of all-time – CBSSports.com.

What product was featured in the famous 1979 Mean Joe Greene Super Bowl XIV commercial?

“Hey Kid, Catch!” was a television commercial for Coca-Cola starring Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle “Mean” Joe Greene. The commercial debuted on October 1, 1979, and was re-aired multiple times, most notably during Super Bowl XIV in 1980.

Where is Andy Lambros now?

Andy Lambros was a child actor, but now works as a graphic designer and web designer in southern California.

Where did Coke and a smile come from?

We’ve all heard the saying “Have A Coke And A Smile” — but did you know it only stuck in the culture after a joke that Eddie Murphy told about Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby in his 1987 standup RAW? Coca Cola had a popular ad in the 80’s using the dull slogan, and their front man was none other than Bill Cosby himself.

Did Mean Joe Greene have any kids?

Eventually Greene became “Mean Joe,” but he never liked the sobriquet. He once told a writer, “My friends just call me ‘Joe. ‘” Greene married Agnes Craft while they were both students at North Texas. The couple had three children.

Does Mean Joe Greene have any kids?

Joe Greene was born on September 24, 1946 in Temple, Texas, USA as Charles Edward Greene. He is an actor, known for The Black 6 (1973), Smokey and the Bandit II (1980) and Lady Cocoa (1975). He has been married to Agnes Craft since January 28, 1968. They have three children.

How mean was Mean Joe Greene?

Charles Edward Joseph Greene was better known by his nickname “Mean Joe” Greene. The 6’3″, 270-pound tackle acquired his nickname in reference to his school’s nickname, the North Texas State University Mean Green. Greene played defensive tackle for North Texas; the Mean Green posted a 23-5-1 record.