What are the main newspapers in New Zealand?

What are the main newspapers in New Zealand?

Newspaper Location
1 The New Zealand Herald Auckland
2 Otago Daily Times Dunedin
3 The National Business Review Auckland
4 The Gisborne Herald Gisborne

How many newspapers are there in NZ?

The major cites now have only one daily newspaper. There are no truly national newspapers, although The New Zealand Herald and to a lesser extent The Dominion Post are both available outside their core areas.

What is the oldest newspaper in NZ?

the New Zealand Gazette
New Zealand’s first newspaper, the New Zealand Gazette, was printed in London in 1839 by Edward Gibbon Wakefield’s New Zealand Company. Two issues were distributed to colonists migrating to form the company settlement at Wellington.

Who owns NZ mainstream media?

Ownership of New Zealand newspapers is dominated by Stuff and New Zealand Media and Entertainment with Stuff (formerly Fairfax) having 48.6% of the daily newspaper circulation.

How many people read newspapers NZ?

The New Zealand Herald is read by over four times as many people as any other newspaper….Almost 3 million New Zealanders read newspapers and nearly 1.8 million read magazines in 2021.

Publication Otago Daily Times
Print 105
Digital (web or app) 194
Total 7 Day Cross-Platform Audience* (print, web or app) 253

Who owns New Zealand media and entertainment?

NZME.New Zealand Media and Entertainment / Parent organization

Who owns the New Zealand Herald?

The New Zealand Herald

Front page, 4 June 2013
Type Daily newspaper
Format Compact (weekdays and Sundays) Broadsheet (Saturdays)
Owner(s) NZME
Editor-in-chief Shayne Currie