Is Skyrim actually a good game?

Is Skyrim actually a good game?

Though The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is clearly a strong title from the last decade, there are several games that give it a run for its money. While it definitely holds as a great game, there’s also a few other games that put up a stiff competition for the game of the decade.

Can you marry Thonnir?

Thonnir is married to Laelette, who has gone missing. If the Dragonborn asks Thonnir to aid on the quest, but does not complete it, Thonnir will join the Dragonborn as an immortal helper. This does not take up a companion slot.

Is Alva’s house always locked?

Go to Alva’s house. It has an adept lock on it, so shouldn’t be that hard to pick the lock. Or use the key if you pickpocketed it from either Hroggar or Alva earlier. If you entered during the day, Alva is sleeping in the coffin downstairs.

Can you save Laelette?

PC If Laelette is resurrected and converted to friendly during the quest under Console Commands, she will walk back to where she spawned, and her inventory cannot be pickpocketed. PC If Laelette is spawned via Console Commands, she will stay as always hostile regardless Actor Value and Faction.

Is Skyrim or Zelda better?

Both are great open-world games in their own ways: Zelda has more of an adventure focus and Skyrim has an RPG focus. However, there are some overlapping aspects of the two games where Breath of the Wild is superior. However, in Skyrim traversing the map is more akin to traveling than exploring.

Is Skyrim good in 2021?

There’s just something about open-world games with breathtaking visuals, endless exploration, and memorable character interactions that I can’t get enough of. Despite being an almost 10-year-old game, I found that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is absolutely still worth playing in 2021.

Who needs help in Hjaalmarch?

You’ll need to help 3 people in order to become Thane. There are two options for chopping wood from Hroggar & Jorgen, however there is a chance that both can be killed by dragons or Laid to Rest. You can also deliver a letter to Whiterun and Danica Pure-Spring by speaking to Idgrod the Younger.

How do I start laid to rest?

This quest can be started by speaking with the Moorside Inn innkeeper, Jonna, who will mention the burned down house nearby. Alternatively, Idgrod Ravencrone (or Sorli the Builder if the Dragonborn sided with the Stormcloaks during the Civil War) can be asked regarding the subject.

Who is Laelette Skyrim?

Laelette the Vampire is a Breton vampire you will encounter during Laid to Rest. She is the wife of Thonnir and mother of Virkmund. She is said to have left her family to go join the Stormcloaks.

Did BotW copy Skyrim?

Did Breath of the Wild copy Skyrim? – Quora. No neither games are legitimately close to one another. The game mechanics are far different in both games and the lore is far far away from anything in Skyrim/Elder Scrolls.

Is Skyrim or BotW bigger?

Breath of the Wild’s overworld map is estimated at 139 square miles. Skyrim is about 15 square miles. Oblivion is about 22 square miles. BotW is significantly larger than both of them put together.

Why is Skyrim The Best RPG ever?

The reason is simple: Skyrim hasn’t got the best narrative of any RPG, the best combat, the best magic system or even the best graphics, but it does have one of the biggest, richest and most completely immersive worlds you’ve ever seen.

Why is Skyrim so good at stealth?

Skyrim cleverly gives you an on-screen indication of how suspicious your enemies are, and where they are as they hunt for you. It makes stealth viable even against large groups: if you’re rumbled, you can retreat and hide.

Is Skyrim a good game?

The game has a central plot – and it’s a good one – but Skyrim is a game where side quests never feel like side quests, just another facet of your mission to be the best hero (or anti-hero) you can be.

What do you like most about Skyrim?

There’s a lot of everything, and you have totally free rein of it. Skyrim feels twice the size of Oblivion, despite being the same acreage, just because there’s so much more to see and do. Searching for Dragon Shouts is a game in itself. Exploring every dungeon is a game in itself. Each one of the six factions is a game in itself.