Is Limerick worth visiting?

Is Limerick worth visiting?

Limerick is unique; a vibrant city with a warm welcome, complemented by a charming and scenic countryside. There’s never been a better time to visit as Limerick offers fantastic value for money with very competitive hotel rates!

Is it safe to visit Limerick?

Limerick is considered a safe city for traveling. The crime index here is quite low. The main problems are related to the theft of things and petty fraud. Drug trafficking in the city is also a big problem.

What is Limerick famous for?

Limerick is the third largest city and one of the oldest in Ireland. It’s a vibrant, exciting city, lying on the River Shannon and home to many historic landmarks such as King John’s Castle and St Mary’s Cathedral.

What is special about Limerick Ireland?

Limerick is one of Ireland’s oldest cities, with a Charter of Incorporation older than that of London’s, dating back to 1197! 2. Limerick is home to the largest Georgian Quarter in Ireland outside Dublin! Limerick is known as the Treaty City after the Treaty of Limerick was signed here in October 1691!

Is Limerick a nice city?

People living in Limerick enjoy an excellent quality of life combined with low cost living. Limerick has the highest level of disposable income per capita outside of the greater Dublin region. Limerick can therefore offer much greater affordability when compared with other gateway cities.

Why is Limerick so rough?

“The big problem in Limerick is drugs,” he said. “There are gangs because of the drugs. The feuding is over control of the drug trade. Compared with Cork, Galway and Dublin, redevelopment in Limerick has also been relatively slow.

Does limerick have a beach?

Limerick is a riverside city and we have no beaches ourselves in County Limerick, but there are some beaches near Limerick in neighbouring counties which are not far from us.

How are the limericks similar?

A limerick is a humorous poem consisting of five lines. The first, second, and fifth lines must have seven to ten syllables while rhyming and having the same verbal rhythm. The third and fourth lines should only have five to seven syllables; they too must rhyme with each other and have the same rhythm.

Does Limerick touch the sea?

Additionally, Limerick and southern Kilkenny border the tidal zones of the rivers Shannon and Suir. Both counties also have active ports at Foynes and Belview, but have no exposed coastline. It does not include the three coastal counties of Northern Ireland or Dublin and Kilkenny in the Republic of Ireland.

Where can I swim in Limerick?

Outdoor Swimming in Limerick The only places for swimming with lifeguard coverage in Limerick are at Glin Pier and Kilteery Pier (west of Foynes on N69), both in the lower Shannon Estuary. Also close by is Ballycuggeran, Killaloe.

Why does Limerick have a bad reputation?

3. Limerick. A reputation as “Stab City” in the 1990’s, succeeded by a flurry of violent gang-related crimes, Limerick is rarely advertised as the perfect city break. However, strong community groups and loyal locals have stood strong amidst the bad times and turned things around for this otherwise hard-working city.