Is Gardenville Baltimore safe?

Is Gardenville Baltimore safe?

Real estate vacancies in Gardenville are 6.1%, which is lower than one will find in 66.0% of American neighborhoods….

Burglary Index Theft Index Motor Vehicle Theft
100 is safest 100 is safest 100 is safest

What are the bad areas of Baltimore?

Here, we take a look at the 10 very worst neighborhoods in Baltimore in 2019.

  • Brooklyn-Curtis Bay. First up is Brooklyn-Curtis Bay, a neighborhood that’s in need of some serious improvement.
  • Madison-Eastend.
  • West Baltimore.
  • Berea Area.
  • Pulaski.
  • Greenmount East.
  • Orangeville.
  • Monument Street Area.

Where should I not live in Baltimore?

The most dangerous areas in Baltimore is based on data from the local law enforcement agency and when not available, also includes estimates based on demographic data.

  • Hopkins-Middle East. Population 7,746.
  • West Baltimore.
  • Cherry Hill.
  • Berea Area.
  • Highlandtown.
  • Fairfield Area.
  • Greenmount East.
  • Brooklyn-Curtis Bay.

What is the safest city in Baltimore?

Here are the top 10 safest places you can live at in Baltimore today.

  • Inner Harbor. Located in Downtown Baltimore, the Inner Harbor neighborhood is one of the city’s most popular destination areas.
  • Canton.
  • Federal Hill.
  • Glen.
  • Locust Point.
  • Fells Point.
  • Roland Park.
  • Mount Washington.

Are there nice areas in Baltimore?

Canton. Located in Southeast Baltimore, Canton’s wide range of residents, things to do, and small-town community vibe make it one of Baltimore’s most popular neighborhoods. Folks here are more than happy to take advantage of the waterfront location, access to parks, good walkability, and spectacular seafood offerings.

Are there any nice parts of Baltimore?

Here are the five best neighborhoods in Baltimore for singles and young professionals!

  • Federal Hill.
  • Fells Point.
  • Mid-Town Belvedere.
  • Mount Vernon.
  • South Baltimore.

Is Inner Harbor safe?

Baltimore is safe during daylight and around the areas near the harbor. Fells Point and the inner harbor are perfect for long walks and exploring, and if you’re pining for a great hike with a view, go to the Federal Hill. These places are perfectly safe, but you should avoid certain dangerous areas.

What is the best area to live in Baltimore?

Niche ranks Ellicott City as the #1 best place to live in the Baltimore area in 2021, giving it maximum ratings for both its public schools and family appeal.

Where do the rich live in Baltimore?

Detailed List Of The Richest Neighborhoods In Baltimore For 2021

Rank Neighborhood Median Household Income<
1 Locust Point $112,879
2 Riverside $106,162
3 Canton $98,085
4 Chinquapin Park-Belvedere $94,917

What is the nice area of Baltimore?

Is Bolton Hill Baltimore safe?

It is also sadly infested with crime. In my time living there my car was broken into and just about every car in the area had a window broken out. There were armed robberies and even rapes. If you rent in Bolton Hill be prepared to put up with MICA students throwing all night parties.

Where do black professionals live in Baltimore?

The Canton neighborhood has a legit claim as one of the top Baltimore suburbs for young black professionals and singles. Located in southeast Baltimore, the neighborhood has a diverse range of residents and has no shortage of fun things to do. Canton Square is the perfect place to enjoy your evening.