Is Exynos octa core a good processor?

Is Exynos octa core a good processor?

The Exynos is better for everyday use and faster app loading time. For someone who uses their smartphone for only calling, browsing or generally using light apps like Instagram, Facebook, the Exynos is the better choice.

Is Samsung Exynos better than Snapdragon?

Conclusion. So to simply answer the question, whether Exynos is better than Snapdragon or not? The answer will be that Qualcomm Snapdragon processors are far superior to Exynos in almost all sectors.

Which Samsung Exynos processor is best?

Exynos 7 Series

Processor Name GPU Devices
Exynos 9611 Mali-G72 MP3 (Overclocked) Galaxy M30s, Samsung Galaxy A50s
Exynos 9610 Mali-G72 MP3 Samsung Galaxy A50
Exynos 9609 Mali-G72 MP3 Motorola One Vision
Exynos 7885 Mali-G71 MP2 Galaxy J7 Duo (2018), Galaxy A7 (2018), Galaxy A8 (2018), Galaxy A8+ (2018)

Is Exynos 990 A good processor?

New-level performance Combined with the Cortex-A76 dual-core and the Cortex-A55 quad-core, the Exynos 990 processor delivers optimal performance and better power efficiency for seamless mobile experiences that lasts.

Is Octa-core good for gaming?

Answer: Generally speaking, six cores is usually considered optimal for gaming in 2022. Eight or more cores might provide performance improvement, but all this depends mainly on how a particular game is coded and what GPU the CPU would be paired with it. Picking the right GPU for gaming is relatively easy.

Is 865 or 1000+ better?

So, Qualcomm’s 865 chipset is the clear winner. Based on Antutu Scores, we have created graphs to compare their performance increase/decease in both CPU and GPU department. With Snapdragon 865, we get 21.13% faster CPU performance and 14.42% faster graphics compared to the Dimensity 1000+.

Why does Samsung still use Exynos?

There are 3 big reasons : First, Qualcomm can’t produce enough processor to fit in all of the Samsung’s phones. Second, snapdragon is too expensive, especially if you buy it in other countries. So, Samsung only uses snapdragon in countries where Qualcomm sells them cheaper.

Is a 1.9 GHz processor good for gaming?

A clock speed of 3.5 GHz to 4.0 GHz is generally considered a good clock speed for gaming but it’s more important to have good single-thread performance. This means that your CPU does a good job of understanding and completing single tasks.

What is 1.8 GHz OCTA?

As the name suggests, the Octa-core processor is made up of eight processor cores that power Galaxy smartphones. The Octa-core processor also gives Galaxy devices faster load times.

Is Exynos 2100 Good for PUBG?

Yeah, ofc. Exynos 2100 is one of the most powerful SOCs you get with your phone. It can easily handle any game at the highest settings and framerates for now and many coming years.