Is Condonement a word?

Is Condonement a word?

The position of condoning or endorsing something.

What is a good synonym for condone?

Some common synonyms of condone are excuse, forgive, and pardon.

What does it mean to condone in something?

con·​done | \ kən-ˈdōn \ condoned; condoning. Essential Meaning of condone. : to forgive or approve (something that is considered wrong) : to allow (something that is considered wrong) to continue a government that has been accused of condoning racism.

How do you spell Condonement?

“Condonement.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster,

Is condone the opposite of condemn?

To condemn is to express strong disapproval. To condone is to overlook or forgive. Although the two words are antonyms, they are easily mixed up because of their similarity in sound and their frequent association with each other.

How do you use the word condone?

Condone Sentence Examples

  1. The state does not condone violence.
  2. The law does not condone the violation of other people’s rights.
  3. We do not condone any vandalism.

What’s another word for ineptitude?

In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for ineptitude, like: incompetence, inability, worthlessness, clumsiness, ungracefulness, awkwardness, ineptness, arrogance, bungling, incapacity and maladroitness.

What is condoning behavior?

to disregard or overlook (something illegal, objectionable, or the like): The government condoned the computer hacking among rival corporations. to give tacit approval to: By his silence, he seemed to condone their behavior.

What does Knouter mean?

Noun. knouter (plural knouters) One who wields a knout, especially a Russian official who uses it to administer punishment.