How much older is Derek than Odette?

How much older is Derek than Odette?

As you can see the above is based on movie appearance and it clearly does’t work seeing as Derek is clearly three or four years older then Odette since she was born.

Is The Swan Princess based on Swan Lake?

The Swan Princess is a 1994 American animated musical fantasy film based on the ballet Swan Lake. The film would later become popular through home video releases and has since been followed by a series of direct-to-video sequels starting in 1997.

What country does The Swan Princess take place?

Odette is born to the aged King William and his deceased queen and she is welcomed by the kingdom’s people as the future queen of the fair kingdom. Young Odette and Derek meet for the first time.

Why is Odette not a Disney princess?

Odette, Swan Lake note: Several Disney-savvy readers have pointed out that The Swan Princess was actually directed by a former Disney animator but produced by another company. Since Disney did scrap a Swan Lake adaptation, we’ll still call Odette a missed opportunity.]

How old was Derek Prince when he passed away?

88 years (1915–2003)Derek Prince / Age at death

What princess turned into a swan?

Directed by former Disney animator Richard Rich, of Robin Hood and later The King and I, the film centers around the titular Princess Odette, who is captured by hirsute evil-man Rothbart and cursed to turning into a swan during the day.

What princess is not a princess?

Tinker Bell. Despite not actually being a princess per se, like Mulan she was given an honorary Princess title. Per Disney lore, this was because she committed an act of bravery worthy of a princess, but in reality, it was so the Mouse House could add a popular character to its lucrative line of toys.

Is Goldilocks a Disney Princess?

Despite the fact that Disney cancelled their adaption of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, they eventually did put their own spin on the fairy tale. Still, Goldilocks as a Disney Princess is a concept that was shelved and that we’ll likely never see.