How much is a Pinarello bike?

How much is a Pinarello bike?

It costs $12,000, a discount from the other version due mostly to the cheaper wheels, which are Fulcrum’s lower-end carbon option. If you are a staunch rim brake user (they do still exist—just ask my dad), the frame set is available on its own for $6,500 for you to build up as you like.

What size Pinarello frame do I need?


Dogma 65.1 Frame Size Rider Height (cm) Saddle Height (cm)
51.5cm 173 – 176 72 – 74
53cm 176 – 179 74 – 75
54cm 179 – 181 75 – 76
55cm 181 – 183 76 – 78

Is pinarello a good bike brand?

Pinarello is one of the most iconic cycling brands, manufacturing some of the most sought-after bikes in the world and winning numerous Grand Tour races with the world’s best teams. Pinarello is not the oldest Italian bike company, but it is certainly one of the most successful ones.

How much does a Pinarello F12 cost?

The Pinarello Dogma F12 is available in 13 sizes and 9 color ways. Pairing it with the Most Talon Ultra takes full advantage of its engineering but the bike can also be used with a conventional bar and stem. Prices for the F12 frameset are $6500.

Do Pinarello bikes run small?

They do tend to be fractionally larger than other brands for the “same” size. I am 184 cm, 80 kg (~175 lbs) and probably slightly longer inseam than you, and I ride a size 56 Paris FP carbon.

Why are Pinarello so expensive?

They have a network of distributors that need support as well as large margins. Necessarily all of these costs are built into the cost of the end product. Add to these items the cost of research and development, materials technology and so on and the end price will begin to multiply.

How much does a Pinarello Dogma cost?

The Dogma F’s price is also steep. The frameset price is $6,950 (without the bar and stem—that’s another $950) for a non-custom frame made in Asia.