How much does it cost to have a guitar custom painted?

How much does it cost to have a guitar custom painted?

The starting cost of a guitar refinish is about $200 for the body while a professional custom paint job can cost $600 or even more. Paint and other material will only cost you around $50 to $60, it’s the labor that’s expensive. You can do it on your own, but the process will take a lot of time and patience.

Can you paint your electric guitar?

Yes, you can paint on a guitar. However, it’s not as simple as painting straight onto the existing surface of the guitar because the guitar is already painted and sealed, so these existing layers need to be removed first.

How do you custom paint a guitar?

How to Repaint or Restain, or Refinish a Guitar

  1. Begin to disassemble your guitar.
  2. Take the neck off of your guitar.
  3. Remove the hardware from your guitar.
  4. Consider Removing your Guitar Bridge Studs.
  5. Organize your hardware.
  6. Remove the Old Guitar Finish by Sanding.
  7. Use an orbital sander.

What kind of paint do you use on an electric guitar?

A lacquer finish on your guitar is the best option, so lacquer paint is the best choice. It is best to use enamel paint if your guitar has an enamel finish. Oil-based and water-based enamel paints are available. Water-based enamel is recommended because oil-based enamel takes a long time to dry.

Does painting guitar change sound?

Painting an electric guitar will not affect its sound, in contrast to acoustic guitars as the electric gets the vast majority of its sound from pickups and amplifiers and not from its body. If you’re thinking of painting your electric guitar, don’t worry about negatively impacting its sound, and go for it!

Is repainting a guitar hard?

It’s not too difficult to refinish a guitar. More than anything, it’s a matter of patience. Taking the time to properly prep the wood and allow appropriate cure times can yield excellent results, even for the first-timer. A guitar with a thin nitro finish will resonate better than one with a hard poly.

Can I paint my guitar with acrylic?

It is safe to use acrylic paint on acoustic and electric guitars. If you want to ensure that your guitar’s paint lasts a long time, you will need to follow the proper steps. Painting your guitar with acrylic paint isn’t something you should do without a good preparation process.

Can you use acrylic paint to paint electric guitar?

You can use acrylic paint on a guitar. However, you need a proper understanding of paint choices, and how best to prepare the acrylic paint to achieve optimal results. You also have to be open to the possibility of the acrylic paint negatively affecting the value of a guitar.

What kind of paint can I use to paint my guitar?

In a nutshell: if your guitar has a lacquer finish, then lacquer paint is the best option. If your guitar has an enamel finish, then enamel paint is ideal. There are two kinds of enamel paints: oil-based and water-based. Oil-based enamels can take a long time to dry, so water-based enamel is recommended.

Does painting a guitar ruin it?

Paint will destroy the sound of an acoustic guitar. The body of the guitar is actually the ‘Soundboard’, meaning it vibrates to accentuate the sound. Painting it will stop it from vibrating/ transferring the sound.

Is it bad to paint your guitar?

Can you paint a guitar without taking it apart?

So yes, you can paint a guitar without removing the electronics. The wires are usually long enough to lift the electronics outside of the body to get them out of the way. Now if you want a good finish, you need to remove them.