How many goals did Adebayor scored for Arsenal?

How many goals did Adebayor scored for Arsenal?

Premier League Record

Appearances 242
Goals 97
Assists 36

How many goals did Adebayor score in the Premier League?

Emmanuel Adebayor has also scored some goals for his national team, totally 32 goals in 85 games for his Togo….Emmanuel Adebayor top scorer record.

League, Team Premier League Manchester City
Season 2009/2010
Age 26
Position 9
Winner/leader Didier Drogba

What did Arsenal do to Adebayor?

Adebayor scored Arsenal’s winning goal against Manchester United to give Arsenal a 1–0 win at Old Trafford, their first league win of the 2006–07 season. Earlier in the match, Adebayor was brought down in the six-yard box to earn Arsenal a penalty, which was taken by Gilberto Silva and saved.

What did Adebayor win?

Emmanuel Adebayor

Titles and season
1x Spanish cup winner
10/11 Real Madrid
1x Top scorer
05/06 World Cup qualification Africa – 11 Goals

How many goals did Adebayor score for Real Madrid?

Stats by club

FC Metz 51 17
Manchester City 45 19
Real Madrid 22 8
Crystal Palace 15 1

Who has Adebayor played for?

Togo national football teamEmmanuel Adebayor / Current team (Forward)

Did Adebayor want to leave Arsenal?

Earlier in the interview, Adebayor also stated he did not want to leave Arsenal, but said he was forced to by then-manager Arsene Wenger. “I did not just wake up one morning at Manchester City,” Adebayor said. “I had signed a five-year contract at Arsenal. I came back for pre-season and Wenger said ‘You have to leave’.

Is Emmanuel Adebayor Nigerian?

“Originally, my parents are from Nigeria, and I am a Nigerian, so you guys have to win for me,” the 2008 African Player of the Year said in a video posted by ex-Nigeria star Daniel Amokachi on Instagram.

How tall is Emmanuel Adebayor?

6′ 3″Emmanuel Adebayor / Height

How old is Emmanuel Adebayor?

37 years (February 26, 1984)Emmanuel Adebayor / Age

Did Adebayor hate Arsenal?

In a wide-ranging interview with the Daily Mail, Adebayor said that racist abuse from Arsenal fans that day was what led to his famous celebration for Man City.

Why did Arsenal sell Adebayor?

He explained: “It was a general guidance to me, to tell players that if you leave here, you don’t come back. It was a way to retain players, who sometimes said they wanted to see if the grass was greener somewhere else.”