How many countries have AIESEC?

How many countries have AIESEC?

126 countries
AIESEC was founded in 1948 in 7 countries in Europe by Jean Choplin (France), Bengt Sjøstrand (Sweden), and Dr. Albert Kaltenthaler (Germany). Over 65 years later we are present in 126 countries and territories.

Who is the owner of AIESEC?

The organization focuses on empowering young people to make a progressive social impact. The AIESEC network includes approximately 40,000 members in 120+ countries….AIESEC.

Formation 1946
President of AIESEC International (PAI) Louise Kim (she/her/hers)
Main organ Global Plenary

What does AIESEC stand for?


Acronym Definition
AIESEC Association Internationale des Étudiants En Sciences Économiques et Commerciales (French: International Association of Students in Economics and Management)
AIESEC Association for the International Exchange of Students in Economics and Commerce (various locations)

When was AIESEC founded?

1946, Liège, BelgiumAIESEC / Founded

What makes AIESEC different?

What makes #AIESEC so unique is its ability to shape and mold your leadership to help the world through so many different programs! #AIESEC unique because of its Rolldances! teaches a common understanding of business ethics to people around the globe! Great intercultural collaborators!

What is ICX in AIESEC?

ICX – Incoming Exchange – the team responsible for the incoming exchange participants, and signing the contracts with Local Companies. OGX – Outgoing Exchange – the team responsible for sending local students abroad as Exchanged students.

Do AIESEC members get certificate?

Yes, after you complete your experience, you will be getting a certificate from AIESEC stating that you worked for a United Nation’s sustainable development goal with us.

Is AIESEC a good organization?

AIESEC is a very good place to work. Recommended for those who want to improve their soft skills. People are very nice and the management is pretty effective.

What is LPS in AIESEC?

This conference is open to AIESEC members nationwide and is a great opportunity to develop your leadership abilities ahead of your LC’s upcoming elections. …


Do you know what is the meaning of IXP? It stands for integrated experience, and is when an AIESEC member goes on one of our exchanges! IXP is a great chance to boost your leadership development abroad, enhance your skills and bring it all back to Albania.

Do AIESEC interns get paid?

No, Global volunteer program has no stipend provided. Can I get internship in my country or city with AIESEC? No, we only provide international internships to develop cross cultural understanding and global mindset development.