How long is a z9 Nitro?

How long is a z9 Nitro?

*Base Model Images Shown

Length 6.45 m 21′ 2”
Beam 2.41 m 7′ 11”
Max. Recommended HP 300 HP
Fuel Capacity 227.1 L 60 gal.

How fast is a Nitro z9?

Our top speed was a blistering 71.5 mph at 5800 rpm- talk about being first to your favorite spot! We determined our best fuel economy to be at 4000 rpm where we calculated our range to be 252 miles at 42.7 miles an hour. The hull delivers, no question about it.

How long is a Nitro z8 bass boat?

Description: Inject a huge shot of NITRO into your fishing with the high-powered Z-8. At an impressive 20′ 1″ (6.12 m) long with a massive 8′ (2.44 m) beam, this boat is loaded with performance and fishing features for anglers of any and all skill levels!

Where are Nitro boats made?

Nitro bass boats are made by Bass Pro Group’s White River Marine Group, which, measured by volume, is the world’s largest fishing and recreational boat builder. All Nitro boats are made in the USA, as they are manufactured in Clinton, Missouri.

Are Nitro Boats cheaper than Ranger Boats?

I heard when Nitro started out, they were the “cheaper” brand boat. It seems like since the Z series boats came out, they look and seem to be better boats. Of course i called a Ranger dealer and when i heard the Z520 was around 70k starting out, I asked him the difference in the Nitro Z20/21 boat and the Ranger Z520.

What’s the best prop for a Ranger z-520c?

How a boat is rigged and loaded — even altitude and climate — will make a difference. I run a Ranger Z-520c powered by a Mercury Optimax 250 Pro-XS, and the prop I use is a 26-inch pitch Quicksilver Tempest Plus.

How easy is it to rig a nitro Z21?

It’s quite easy to rig a $45k Nitro to $60k and the out the door price for the Z21 is just that, and that boat could be rigged better. I don’t know how old you are. I was 43 when I purchased my boat with the idea I would be in it for 20-25 years. I had my previous boat for 9 years and the one before that for 4 years. So, here’s my experience.

How much did you pay for your Z520?

A friend of mine bought a new/used Z520 last year for $87K. It had been used in a professional tournament, therefore used. The title may have indicated new, not sure. But, wow!!! I have heard for a good source that the Nitros are better boats than in the past.