How is placement in MITS Gwalior?

How is placement in MITS Gwalior?

Placement Experience : Students are eligible for campus placement in 4rth year. Many big companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, lti, Accenture recruits students from mits, about 60 to 70 percent of students get placed with good salary packages, an average package from mits is 3.5lpa and highest package is 12 LPA.

Is MITS Gwalior private?

Madhav Institute of Technology and Science, formerly known as Madhav Engineering College and commonly referred to as MITS Gwalior, is a government-aided autonomous institute founded in 1957 and located in Gwalior in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India.

How many branches MITS Gwalior?

MITS Gwalior Seat Matrix

Branch Seats
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering 60
Electronics Engineering 120
Information Technology 60
Information Technology with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics 60

Is there any scholarship in MITS Gwalior?

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions : Fees of the college vary from branch to branch, it is between 80000 to 100000 yearly, scholarship is provided on a caste basis as well as on the basis of your high school marks. About 60 to 70 percent of students get placement with a sufficient package.

Which is better MITS Gwalior or LNCT Bhopal?

It’s difficult to say which one is much good because when it comes to placements LNCT has now become the best college of Bhopal for placement especially it’s main campus is given more priority. But for NON-IT sectors placements is a bit struggling. But MITs is the government college with less fees than LNCT.

Which is better MITS Gwalior or JEC Jabalpur?

Both the colleges are better in their own way. But compared to MITS, Jabalpur Engineering college is better in all the aspects. The college has good infrastructure and facilities. The college provides peaceful environment to study.

Can I get direct admission in MITS Gwalior?

MITS offers PG level programs in MCA, M. Plan & M….Course and specialization table of B.E & B. Arch.

Course Name Specialization Eligibility Criteria
B.E. Civil Engineering 12th mandatory with PCM as subjects JEE Main Score
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electronics Engineering

Is there uniform in MITS Gwalior?

The college uniform is compulsory for students; if not wearing proper uniform he/she will not allowed to enter in the institute.

What is El branch in MITS Gwalior?

The branch was started in 2015 with aim to increase the total intake of Electronics Engineering upto 180 (In addition to existing intake of 120 in ECE which is now known as Electronics Engineering).

Which is better UIT or JEC?

Secondly, JEC has a better infrastructure as opposed to UIT whilst UIT has better facilities like library ( you would the biggest technical library in the state). But, JEC being in Jabalpur and UIT-RGPV being in Bhopal there are certain pros if you choose UIT because of the city difference.

Is there ragging in MITS Gwalior?

MITS Gwalior is a “Zero Ragging campus”.

What is El branch in engineering?

When the course of electrical engineering is merged with a few core subjects of electronics engineering, it results in a branch known as electrical and electronics engineering.