How expensive is nickel plating?

How expensive is nickel plating?

What is the relative difference in electroless nickel coating costs?

Type of Electroless Nickel Bath Matrix Deposit Cost $ / Mil-Ft²
Ni-P $1.00 – $3.00
Ni-B $10.00 – $20.00
Composite EN-P $5.00 – $10.00
Composite EN-B $15.00 – $25.00

What does Nikasil plating do?

NiCom (Nikasil) plating is an electro-composite coating – consisting of a nickel metal matrix with hard particulate dispersed uniformly within it. The process involves electroplating nickel in the presence of hard particulates, such as SiC, under conditions allowing the hard particulate to co-deposit with the nickel.

How thick is Nikasil plating?

Coating Thickness of Nikasil® In practical use the cylinder walls or sleeves are electroplated with a layer of Nikasil®, typically between 80 and 180 µm thick.

What is the benefit of a coated Nikasil cylinder?

This coating allowed aluminium cylinders and pistons to work directly against each other with low wear and friction. Unlike other methods, including cast iron cylinder liners, Nikasil allowed very large cylinder bores with tight tolerances and thus allowed existing engine designs to be expanded easily.

What is nickel plating good for?

Nickel plating provides a unique combination of corrosion and wear resistance. It can add brightness, lustre and appeal. It also provides excellent adhesion properties for subsequent coating layers, which is why nickel is often used as an ‘undercoat’ for other coatings, such as chromium.

Why does nickel plating peel off?

One is that peeling occurs caused by the deterioration of the adherence between plating layer and base metal due to the insufficient base material pre-treatment before the plating processing.

What is the Nikasil problem?

In short order the cause was found to be low compression in the cylinders; an inspection of the cylinder walls unearthed the problem. The Nikasil liner was failing, which allowed the rings to score the cylinder walls and reduced compression. The question was: Why? There was a two-part recipe for failure.

How much does Nikasil cost?

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Service MSRP
Aluminum Cylinder NiCom Electroplating (Per Bore) $229
Strip, Skim Bore, NiCom, Hone to Std. Size $269
Strip, Big Bore, NiCom, Hone $305
Strip, Big Bore, NiCom, Hone, Head & Exhaust Valve Mod $439

What is the nikasil problem?

How much is nikasil a cylinder?

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Service MSRP
Cylinder Exchange (See Details Below**) $269
NiCom Cast Iron/Steel Bore (Single Cylinder Only) $325
Bore and Hone Cast Iron $89
Deck Top or Cut Cylinder Base (Per Cylinder) $55