How does Svidrigailov trick Dounia?

How does Svidrigailov trick Dounia?

Svidrigailov tricks Dunya into his room by hinting about strange things Raskolnikov has done and also by assuring her that all the neighbors, including Sonya, will be present. In his room he reveals to her all that he has heard about Raskolnikov’s confession.

Why does Svidrigailov say he is going to America?

Svidrigailov’s comment, that he is going to America, has a tinge of mystery about it, but might be explained by the fact that America was an impossible ideal, a land of mythical freedoms and purity, for many Russians without the means to travel there.

Why does Svidrigailov say that he wants to meet with Dunya?

Svidrigailov announces that he has come to see Raskolnikov for two reasons: First, he has long wanted to meet him, and second, he wants help in obtaining an interview with Dunya.

What is Svidrigailov afraid of?

Svidrigailov, since their first meeting, has frequently asserted that there was something in common between them. “He was afraid of Sonya. . .he must go his own way or hers.” But Raskolnikov is also convinced that his and Svidrigailov’s “evil-doings could not be of the same kind.”

Did Dunya work for Svidrigailov?

His mother, Pulcheria Alexandrovna, writes of her abiding love for him and that his sister, Dunya, has been working in the Svidrigailov household as a governess.

Why did Nikolai confess?

He then explains why Nikolay the painter confessed to the murder. The painter happens to belong to an old religious order, which believes that man should suffer and to suffer at the hands of authorities is the best type of suffering, but above all “simply suffering is necessary.”

Why does Svidrigailov help Sonya?

Svidrigailov says that he has he given Sonya money to take Katerina’s three children to an upper-class orphanage. Svidrigailov goes to his apartment to get money for a night on the town; he gets in a carriage and Raskolnikov no longer follows him.

Did Svidrigailov beat his wife?

Raskolnikov tells Svidrigailov he has heard rumors he killed his wife Marfa. Svidrigailov replies that his wife’s death was caused by “apoplexy” after a heavy meal, and that he only beat her sparingly during their marriage.

How did Martha force Svidrigailov to marry her?

How does svidrigailov defend his actions regarding his pursuit of dunia while married? How did martha force svidrigailov to marry her? She bailed him out of jail on the condition that he married her. There are two locked doors within sonia’s apartment.

Why does Raskolnikov kiss Sonia’s feet?

Raskolnikov reminds her that God lets it happen to other people. He even suggests that God doesn’t exist. Sonia starts crying, and Raskolnikov tells her she’s losing her mind. On his knees, he kisses her foot and then asks her why she doesn’t kill herself.

Why is Raskolnikov drawn Sonia?

It now becomes apparent that Raskolnikov is attracted to Sonya because he sees in her the symbol and the representative of “all the suffering of humanity.” Even though she is thin and frail, she can carry a very heavy burden. Thus Raskolnikov will test her further to see how much she can bear.