How does Florence celebrate Christmas?

How does Florence celebrate Christmas?

RELIGIOUS CELEBRATIONS In the Cathedral of Florence, the traditional Christmas Eve Mass is celebrated by the Cardinal of Florence at midnight (Vigil prayers start at 11pm). On Christmas morning, Mass is celebrated at 10:30am, in conjunction with the Pope’s blessing in Rome.

What are some Italian decorations for Christmas?

Italian Christmas decorations include door wreaths and street (and window) lights, like in many other places in the world. But we also have local and traditional decorations like the Presepe and the Ceppo.

Is Florence nice at Christmas?

Christmas in Florence. Christmas in Florence is festive treat, thanks to a spectacular light festival, and plenty of festive decorations and events. From the huge Christmas tree and nativity scene in Piazza Duomo, the Christmas Market in Piazza Santa Croce and plenty of shopping opportunities…

What is Florence like in December?

The city of Florence enjoys a crisp and beautiful winter with cool temperatures ranging around 11°C during the day time. The weather is quite temperate and almost no snow is predicted. The days however do get shorter; the sun rises around 7:30 AM and sets around 4:40 PM, giving you almost 9 hours of daylight.

What is the most popular decoration in Italy?

The Christmas tree is undoubtedly one of the most widespread decorations in our country. In fact for hundreds of years this has been one of traditions that just cannot be missed in preparation for the Christmas holidays. The Christmas tree in Italy is usually put up on December 8 and it is taken down January 6.

What is trending for Christmas Decor 2021?

This year is a blast from the past and the most popular decor for 2021 is so pretty and Christmassy! Here’s what’s trending for this Christmas….Classic Christmas

  • Tartans.
  • Pointsettias.
  • Candy Canes.
  • Real Evergreen Wreaths.
  • Santa Hats.
  • Christmas tree collections.
  • Tinsel- Yay!