How do you say 30 in Creole?

How do you say 30 in Creole?

Haitian Creole numbering rules The tens are specific words too from ten to sixty, namely dis [10], ven [20], trant [30], karant [40], senkant [50], and swasann [60].

How do you say 20 in different languages?

Twenty is the number 20.

  1. American English: twenty /ˈtwɛnti/
  2. Arabic: عِشْرُون
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: vinte.
  4. Chinese: 二十
  5. Croatian: dvadeset.
  6. Czech: dvacet.
  7. Danish: tyve.
  8. Dutch: twintig.

How do you say 12 in Haitian Creole?

Look up Category:Haitian Creole cardinal numerals in Wiktionary, the free dictionary….Eleven to nineteen.

# Haitian Creole
11 onz
12 douz
13 trèz
14 katòz

How do you say 30 in different languages?

  1. Bosnian: trideset. Bulgarian: тридесет Catalan: trenta. Cebuano: katloan. Chinese (Simplified): 三十
  2. Indonesian: tigapuluh. Irish: tríocha. Italian: trenta. Japanese: Javanese: telung puluh. Kannada:
  3. Polish: trzydzieści. Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil): trinta. Punjabi: ਤੀਹ Romanian: treizeci. Russian: тридцать

How do you tell time in Creole?

In Creole, the hours from the clock end as è. For example, suppose that you want to say eight O’clock in Creole. All you have to do is say uit (eight) and then è. So, the Creole translation of that is uitè.

How many letters does the Creole alphabet have?

Haitian contains 26 letters (consonants and vowels). Below you will find the letters, the pronunciation and sound….Haitian Alphabet.

A a [a] like cat
OU ou [u] like pool
Ò ò [ɔ] like fun
P p [p] like pen
R r [ɰ] like merci

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