How do you refill the Thunder Ring in Star Ocean?

How do you refill the Thunder Ring in Star Ocean?

On the inner part of the west wing there’s a Thunder Ring, which is the most interesting item on the floor, and the only one you’ll need to progress. Use this on the panel left of the door leading to hallway to the south to open the door. Examine the shorted out panel afterwards to charge your ring.

Is Star Ocean The Last Hope turn based?

Most Japanese RPGs stick with the tried-and-true turn-based system – or its close relative, the Active Time Battle system, in which each character takes turns waiting for his or her or its meter to fill up between actions. Star Ocean: The Last Hope instead delivers all-out, full-tilt, real-time battles.

How many discs is Star Ocean The Last Hope?

3 discs
The PlayStation 3 version has no disc swapping, while the Xbox 360 version spans 3 discs, and it also features Japanese voice-overs. Finally, the game features a variety of other small enhancements that improve the overall experience in the PlayStation 3 version.”

How old is faize?

Faiz Baloch Personal Life/Biography

Date of Birth/Birthday 25 February 1993
Age 23 Years (As in 2019)
Birthplace Mumbai, India
Hometown Mumbai, India
Nationality Indian

Why did faize’s eyes turn red?

One notable quick of his altered DNA is his eye color, which changes as he tries to suppress moments of extreme stress or emotion, suggesting that the genetic modification has had an impact on his psychological makeup.

How old is Lymle?

Lymle is a mysterious girl from the primitive village of Triom. At 15 years old, she is a bit of an oddity speaking and acting like someone much younger.

How long is Star Ocean Till the End of Time?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 63 46h 22m
Main + Extras 57 89h 52m
Completionists 2 695h 53m
All PlayStyles 122 77h 20m