How do you polish deer bones?

How do you polish deer bones?

Polishing Horween Shell Cordovan with a deer bone is the best method to remove wrinkles as well as small scratches. For a correct use, simply hold both ends of the bone and rub your shoes in a downward motion over the clean surface of your shoes.

How do you use bone polish?

Roll Bone Across Shoe Now you use the deer bone to help compress and roll out those wrinkles and smooth that leather back to better condition. To use the deer polishing bone you simply take it into your hands and roll it through the creasing, applying moderate to firm pressure, to push those creases out.

What is deer bone used for?

Primarily used for Cordovan shoes, a Deer Bone is used to re-compress the pores and fibers of cordovan, thereby re-smoothing the leather and keeping it looking new.

What is Cordovan leather?

Cordovan leather is essentially horse leather, but not every leather that comes from a horse is Cordovan. Only the so called shells or butts, which are the rear quarters of the horse are turned into Cordovan, hence the often used name Shell Cordovan.

What is Zam Polish?

Zam is a proprietary mixture of aluminum oxide and chromium oxide held with a binder. It produces a high luster without residue, and is your final finishing step when you polish. It is a very versatile polishing compound as it can be used on metals, many stones, and plastics.

What is deer bone?

The deer bone has become a personal staple in our shoe care kit. The smooth surface of the oil-embedded bone smooths the surface of the leather, unlike any other tool we have used. It is a great tool to lessen vamp creases, remove small dents from everyday wear, and help restore a sheen.

Can I give my dog deer bones?

Deer bones and hooves are not traditionally recommended for large dogs because they’re smaller and pose a choking hazard. Large dogs can enjoy beef, lamb or pork bones instead if you want to leave them unsupervised. Smaller dogs can more safely enjoy deer hooves and bones.

Why is cordovan so expensive?

Why is shell cordovan so expensive? The high price of cordovan comes down to the low supply of hides, the high demand for them, and the long, complicated tanning process. Shell cordovan is a truly rare and unique material, and prices vary, though it tends to hover around $100 per square foot.

Is horse leather better than cow leather?

Horse hide leather isn’t necessarily stronger than cowhide; both are strong, durable leathers and are perfectly suited to working applications. Horse hide, though, is often more rigid than cowhide, making for a longer break-in. Some might think this makes horse leather impervious to water, but it isn’t.

When should I use Zam?

Zam is usually applied to a buffing wheel on a bench polisher, buffer, or flexshaft tool. You can also use it by hand with a cloth if you use a little elbow grease – see the video above. Many goldsmiths prefer Zam compared to rouge for a final finish.

What grit is Zam?

A brief look at the Orchid archives on just one proprietary material (ZAM) shows the range of opinions on whether the material is a pre-polish a polish or a super polish….Types of Abrasives.

Grit Size Relative Coarseness
30-60 Medium
70-180 Fine
220-1200 Very Fine

What is a Sleeking bone?

Default Title. This Sleeking Bone is used primarily to restore smoothness to Cordovan shoes. The bone is about 8” in length and tapered at the end for accessing small, awkward spaces. The snake-headed sleeking bone is used to recompress fibres and pores to restore the original appearance to the material.