How do you care for a Carmona bonsai plant?

How do you care for a Carmona bonsai plant?

Things to care Keep the tree moist, as it doesn’t like droughts. But be careful not to water too often because it doesn’t like soil wetness either. Fertilize your Fukien Tea Bonsai every 2-3 weeks. Make sure it has been watered well before fertilizing to prevent burning the roots.

How do you care for Carmona microphylla?

How to Care for Bonsai: Fukien Tea (Carmona microphylla)

  1. Position: Indoors, keep in location with bright light and no direct sunlight from noon until 3:00 PM and temperatures between 50o .
  2. Water: Keep evenly moist and do not allow to dry out.

How often should I water my Carmona bonsai?

While not recommended for beginners, these trees are beautiful bonsai trees. Carmona trees need lots of sunlight indoors, but do not like more than an hour of direct sunlight when placed outside. Water when the tree’s soil gets dry, and no more than that.

How often should I water my Fukien tea tree?

The Fukien tea tree prefers soil that ranges from moist to slightly dry. The best practice for watering (link to watering page) a Fukien bonsai is to give it a good watering and then wait for days or weeks until the soil is getting dry before adding more liquid.

Is Carmona bonsai indoor?

Carmona Bonsai Care guidelines. The Fukien Tea is traditionally an indoor Bonsai, but it can be kept outside in very warm climates. It requires a lot of natural light so it should be placed next to a window where it gets the best light. To account for winter conditions you can use a plant lamp for light.

Do Fukien tea bonsai lose their leaves?

Most indoor Bonsai species (Ficus, Carmona, etc) do not drop their leaves, unless there is a problem: Overwatering is a common reason when the indoor Bonsai is planted in poor soil that retains too much water.

How do you take care of a Fukien tea tree?

The Fukien Tea Bonsai must be kept moderately moist and will shrivel easily or simply stop growing if the root ball is permitted to dry out completely. Individuals that travel a lot, or who are prone to neglect watering will not do well with this plant as it prefers more attentiveness.

What is a Carmona bonsai tree?

The Oriental Tea Tree (Carmona microphylla) is a simple & elegant flowering bonsai ideal for growing indoors. This bonsai has pretty white flowers during summer months & lovely green, shiny & waxy foliage. The leaves grow in neat clusters allowing the flowers and branch structure to be highly visible.