How do I log into eFax?

How do I log into eFax?

To log into your eFax account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Login in the top navigation bar.
  3. Enter your eFax® Number and PIN in the spaces provided. For example: To log in using the U.S./Canada number +1 323 555 1234, type 13235551234.
  4. Click the Login button.

Is eFax Corporate safe?

eFax Secure can send your faxes online by email with highly advanced TLS 1.2 encryption, the SSL replacement. This ensures your fax documents are protected in transit from their point of origin on your company’s network to your recipient’s fax. it’s safe, as easy to use as email, and can be deployed in minutes.

What is enterprise fax?

If your business sends a high volume of online faxes, eFax Corporate enterprise fax services is the simple and cost-effective alternative to your costly, paper-based faxing. Our fax to email service lets your staff send and receive faxes online, easily and securely, from anywhere.

How do I set up eFax?

How Do I Send Faxes by Email with eFax?

  1. Create a new email message.
  2. In the “To:” field, enter the recipient’s fax number followed by For example:
  3. Attach the file(s) (10 maximum) you would like to send as a fax. To include a cover page, type the text in the body of the email message.
  4. Click Send.

What is the difference between eFax and fax?

eFax is a completely digital fax system that allows businesses to send fax documents over the internet. There is no fax hardware required, nor do you need special setups. Fax is sent from your computer, smartphone or tablet using our online solutions.

Is eFax pro Hipaa compliant?

Is eFax HIPAA compliant? Yes, eFax is a HIPAA compliant fax service, provided that users have a signed BAA with eFax before utilizing their service. eFax also enables users to integrate their electronic medical records (EHRs) with the platform, allowing users to easily fax patient files.

What is RightFax used for?

OpenText RightFax is a server-based software application for centralized, paperless faxing. As of 2022, it supports virtual, physical, or hybrid fax architecture and integrates with all major line-of-business applications and devices (either natively or through our Paperless middleware).

How much does eFax corporate cost?

Which eFax product is right for your business?

Features eFax eFax Corporate
Multifunction Printer Integration All
Share Large Files
Fax by Email
Starting at $16.95/mo Start Faxing Now 1 (800) 878-7151 1 (800) 878-7151 Custom Pricing Plans Get Your Custom Quote (888) 532-9265

What is the best eFax service?

The best online fax services

  1. MetroFax. The best online fax service.
  2. Fax. Plus.
  3. SRFax. Best online fax service value.
  4. HelloFax. Best online fax service for free faxing.
  5. Sfax. Best online fax service for businesses.
  6. Biscom 123. A business focus for occasional faxers.
  7. eFax. Popular fax service is pretty pricey.
  8. RingCentral Fax.

Why choose eFax corporate for Enterprise fax?

As the cloud-based digital enterprise fax solution most trusted by businesses including nearly half of the Fortune 500 – eFax Corporate can significantly improve your enterprise fax infrastructure, including:

How do I access my eFax account?

Login | eFax Login to your eFax account to view and send faxes, update account information and access our online help. id=TPA2E brand=EFAX handle=/myaccount/login

What is eFax secure™?

1 eFax Secure™ is available as part of the eFax Corporate ® suite of cloud fax solutions offers highly encrypted TLS transmission with encryption of documents at rest. Fax technology has progressed from dedicated, standalone machines to cloud-based integrated services. Today, progressive companies are moving their fax infrastructure to the cloud.

What is online file sharing eFax?

Online File Sharing eFax is integrated with popular cloud storage services like Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive so you can quickly grab files from the cloud, attach them to your virtual fax, and send.