How do I get in touch with Angus Council?

How do I get in touch with Angus Council?

How to contact us

  1. use our online form.
  2. call ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778.
  3. Email:
  4. write to us at Service Department, Angus House, Orchardbank, Forfar, Angus DD8 1AN.

What time does Angus Council open?

8.45am to 5.00pm
The new opening hours will be from 8.45am to 5.00pm Mon, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 10.00am to 5.00pm on a Wednesday. Out with these hours, a recorded message will give emergency numbers to contact if you have an urgent problem. You can call the ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778 for any council service.

How much is Band A council tax in Angus?

Angus Council Tax Bands 2021/22

Band Council Tax Charge Water Charge
A £804.36 £141.66
B £938.42 £165.27
C £1072.48 £188.88
D £1206.54 £212.49

Which council is Forfar in?

Angus Council
Contact the council | Angus Council.

Who is in charge of Angus Council?

Cllr David Fairweather
A coalition administration was formed at the statutory meeting of Angus Council on 16 May 2017, which currently comprises six Independents, seven Conservatives and Unionists, and one Lib Dem. Cllr David Fairweather is Leader of the Council.

Which council is Arbroath?

▷ Angus Council, Arbroath.

Is Angus a city?

Angus (Scots: Angus; Scottish Gaelic: Aonghas) is one of the 32 local government council areas of Scotland, a registration county and a lieutenancy area. The council area borders Aberdeenshire, Dundee City and Perth and Kinross….Angus, Scotland.

Angus Aonghas
Country Scotland
Lieutenancy area Angus
Admin HQ Forfar

Is water included in council tax Scotland?

Most homes in Scotland are provided with water and sewerage services by Scottish Water. The cost of water, sewerage and drainage is included in your council tax bill and collected by your local council. Any council tax discount that you receive, also applies to water and sewerage.

Who runs Angus Council?

Is Angus An SNP council?

Scottish National Party (SNP) | Angus Council.

Is Arbroath Angus or Tayside?

Arbroath (/ɑːrˈbroʊθ/) or Aberbrothock (Scottish Gaelic: Obar Bhrothaig [ˈopəɾ ˈvɾo. ɪkʲ]) is a former royal burgh and the largest town in the council area of Angus, Scotland, with a population of 23,902. It lies on the North Sea coast some 16 miles (25.7 km) ENE of Dundee and 45 miles (72.4 km) SSW of Aberdeen.

What is the largest town in Angus?

Arbroath, the largest town in Angus, is home to the famous Arbroath Smokie.