How do I fix GRUB boot?

How do I fix GRUB boot?

The graphical way

  1. Insert your Ubuntu CD, reboot your computer and set it to boot from CD in the BIOS and boot into a live session. You can also use a LiveUSB if you have created one in the past.
  2. Install and run Boot-Repair.
  3. Click “Recommended Repair”.
  4. Now reboot your system. The usual GRUB boot menu should appear.

How do I fix corrupted GRUB in Linux?

The solution

  1. To fix the problem execute from grub command line:
  2. Restore boot partition on hd0,0 (first partition on first disk) as in above example from find command.
  3. Then setup grub on first disk (hd0) – as in above example boot stage1 is located on hd0.
  4. After command will succeed reboot the server.

How do I fix GRUB command?


  1. Place your SLES/SLED 10 CD 1 or DVD in the drive and boot up to the CD or DVD.
  2. Enter the command “fdisk -l”.
  3. Enter the command “mount /dev/sda2 /mnt”.
  4. Enter the command “grub-install –root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda”.
  5. Once this command completes successfully reboot your system by entering the command “reboot”.

How do I start Linux from GRUB?

It is relatively easy to boot GNU/Linux from GRUB, because it somewhat resembles to boot a Multiboot-compliant OS.

  1. Set GRUB’s root device to the same drive as GNU/Linux’s.
  2. Load the kernel:
  3. If you use an initrd, execute the command initrd (see initrd) after kernel :
  4. Finally, run the command boot (see boot).

How do I restore grub in Linux Mint?

This can easily be done by logging into your Linux Mint, opening a Terminal then copying and pasting sudo update-grub then press Enter then enter your password then hit Enter again. You will then see it detecting all the bootable partitons on the Hard drive.

How do I fix boot GRUB i386 PC Normal?

i386-pc/normal. mod not found indicates that grub can not load normal. mod, which is a grub module that provides the normal command….6 Answers

  1. locate the grub install using ls or search. file.
  2. set grub variables $prefix and $root.
  3. load and run the normal module.

How do I purge and reinstall grub?

Uninstalling GRUB 2

  1. Open a terminal: Applications, Accessories, Terminal.
  2. Optional: Make backup copies of the main GRUB 2 directories and files. sudo cp /etc/default/grub /etc/default/grub.old.
  3. Remove GRUB 2. sudo apt-get purge grub-pc.
  4. Install GRUB 0.97.
  5. With grub installed, the user must still create the menu.
  6. Reboot.

How do I repair Linux Mint installation?

Boot Repair on Linux Mint Installation Fire up a terminal. At first, set the Boot Repair repo. Update the APT cache. Now, install Boot Repair.

How do I change the Grub boot order?

First open and edit file /etc/default/grub by executing the following command. Find the line GRUB_DEFAULT=0 and change to GRUB_DEFAULT=saved. For more info look into the screenshot. Then execute command to update Grub configuration. Command update-grub reads file /etc/default/grub and generates proper Grub configuration file.

How do I uninstall Ubuntu?

If you installed Ubuntu or a similar Linux distribution like Linux Mint with Wubi , it’s easy to uninstall. Just boot into Windows and head to Control Panel > Programs and Features. Find Ubuntu in the list of installed programs, and then uninstall it like you would any other program.

How to reinstall Ubuntu via command line?

Step. Click on “Applications” in the top left corner of your desktop…

  • Scroll down and hover your mouse over “Accessories.” Click on “Terminal.” The Ubuntu terminal…
  • Input “sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh -a” into the terminal and press “Enter.”…
  • How can I dual boot Windows with Ubuntu?

    Install Ubuntu in dual boot with Windows 8: Step 1: Create a live USB or disk Step 2: Boot in to live USB Step 3: Start the installation Step 4: Prepare the partition Step 5: Create root, swap and home Step 6: Follow the trivial instructions