How do I cancel my California Academy of Sciences membership?

How do I cancel my California Academy of Sciences membership?

You can cancel participation in either the Annual Membership Subscription or Automatic Renewal Program by calling our Contact Center at 415-379-8098.

Is California Academy of Sciences membership tax deductible?

With a small deposit and monthly payments starting at just $6, our Annual Membership Subscription plan makes purchasing an Academy membership flexible and easy. All memberships under $350 are fully tax-deductible. $732.50 of Associate-level memberships is tax-deductible.

How much is a ticket to the California Academy of Sciences?

0 – 0California Academy of Sciences / Tickets

Is SF Zoo membership tax deductible?

A Zoo membership is a donation and is partially tax deductible. When you receive your Thank You letter, retain it, along with your payment receipt or credit card statement for your tax records. The San Francisco Zoo recommends you consult a tax advisor with any specific questions about your charitable contributions.

How long can you stay at California Academy of Sciences?

All Academy guests will need to reserve timed-entry tickets in advance. There is no time limit for your visit, but the average guest spends approximately three hours exploring the Academy.

How old is Claude the albino alligator?

Claude is at the ripe age of 17 which is extremely rare for an albino alligator. He is considered to be the representative of the museum with his exhibit being the main attraction.

Why is Exploratorium closed?

Exploratorium, the waterfront science and technology center along San Francisco’s Embarcadero, has been shuttered since the city’s first shelter-in-place order last year, closing its famed Tactile Dome for the first time in decades due to concerns over coronavirus transmission.

Is SeaWorld membership tax deductible?

Following that same line of thinking, paying your admission to SeaWorld is not tax-deductible, but donating to the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund may be. Generally, a membership to the Monterey Bay Aquarium is not tax-deductible because you receive benefits, goods, and services in exchange for your money.