Does Rosetta Stone have Thai language?

Does Rosetta Stone have Thai language?

For sometime now Rosetta Stone has revamped their language courses and now offers their content online via a monthly subscription. Their original Thai course isn’t offered on the new platform, but sometimes it’s possible to find a Rosetta Thai course in the old format of take home CD rom based software.

Can I resell Rosetta Stone?

In addition, Rosetta Stone’s End User License Agreement expressly states that the license to use this product is non-transferable.” When you buy Rosetta Stone software, you will NOT be able to resell it without breaking the law.

Can you buy used rosetta stone software?

You can find used eBay Rosetta Stone Spanish 1-5 package language programs from eBay at a discount. This allows you to purchase quality software and workbooks at a fraction of the cost of new programs.

What happened to Rosetta Stone Thai?

So the Rosetta Stone Thai Language course was previously available but was ultimately discontinued. There is the possibility that this is down to the course now being up to their standards. When it was available, it was only offered a beginner level course. But for now, Thai learners will have to look elsewhere.

How many times can you use rosetta stone activation code?

Each activation ID provided can be redeemed for one free subscription. Your subscription is available to use across a variety of devices any time, anywhere as long as you access the subscription with the same login details.

Is Rosetta Stone transferable?

The Rosetta Stone program comes with a single-computer license, which means that you may only legally use Rosetta Stone on one computer in your home at any given time. …

Is Rosetta Stone obsolete?

Rosetta Stone Inc . With CD-ROMs and downloaded software being obsolete in light of advances in digital technology, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to use legacy Rosetta Stone products on today’s devices.

Does Babbel have Thai?

The fact that Babbel, a trusted language learning app by many, does not have a Thai option is a real disappointment for the many people looking to learn some Thai before a visit to the kingdom. I also so found out that they don’t have some other Asian language courses in Babbel such as Korean, Japanese and Chinese.