Does Mercedes do 24-hour test drives?

Does Mercedes do 24-hour test drives?

Mercedes-Benz is another generous firm for offering extended test drives, with 26 out of its 38 models available for 48-hour tests. It’s largely the more expensive models that are excluded from the scheme, along with the AMG versions.

How long can you test drive a Mercedes?

Mercedes-Benz is focusing on company car drivers by giving them the opportunity to test their new car in the real world, with a new 48-hour test drive initiative. Customers can choose to sample any model from the extensive Mercedes-Benz range for 48 hours.

Can you test drive a car for a whole day?

In many cases, car dealers — especially new-car dealers — offer overnight test drives. If you’re buying a car and you need to bring it home, explain the situation to the dealer. You might be surprised to find that many dealerships will say yes — whether it’s for an hour or for a night.

Can I test drive a Mercedes-Benz?

We now have three ways for you to enjoy test driving a Mercedes Benz: Accompanied, Unaccompanied or Home Test Driving. An accompanied Test Drive is the more traditional route. Our experienced and knowledgeable Star Experts will join you in the vehicle.

Does Mercedes do 48-hour test drive?

Mercedes-Benz has introduced 48-hour test drives across the range, meaning customers can now experience their potential new car in the real world. The 48-hour test drive initiative excludes Mercedes-AMG models, the new GLE, the new A-Class Saloon and Marco Polo.

Is it free to test drive a Mercedes?

Home test drives are unaccompanied and free of charge. Available on new and used Mercedes-Benz cars on Online Showroom, excludes AMG and smart. Customers will be able to test drive new car demonstrators and used cars. Home test drive will depend on availability of stock, staff and dealership discretion.

Do dealers let you test drive alone?

You can ask to test drive without the salesperson along: While some dealerships will require the presence of the salesperson in the car with you, many will permit you to do the drive on your own.

What is a 48-hour test drive?

48-hour test drive benefits: Get to know the vehicle on familiar roads, usual everyday routes and different driving conditions, whether it be at night or in wet conditions. Discover all of the vehicle’s features and capabilities at your own leisure, and understand how they can benefit you in real-life situations.