Does Harker have prom?

Does Harker have prom?

Homecoming. Harker’s annual Homecoming festivities include the Alumni End Zone tailgate party, performances and, of course, football.

How much does Harker high school cost?

Harker’s tuition includes before- and after-school care, lunch and most school expenses, such as our intercampus shuttle between our three campuses, yearbooks, local field trips, athletic uniforms, etc….2021-22 Harker Tuition.

2021-22 Tuition
Grades 6-8 $49,300
Grades 9-12 $53,800

Is Harker a good school?

The Harker School is a kindergarten-grade 12 private school in Silicon Valley that has earned international recognition for its top academics, quality teachers and student achievements. Harker blends strong college-prep academics with rich offerings in STEM and the arts.

What is the Harker School known for?

The Harker School is a K-12, coeducational, private, non-profit school in Silicon Valley that has earned international recognition for its top academics, quality teachers and student achievements. Founded in 1893 and educating 2,040 students, Harker is the largest independent school of its kind in California.

Is Harker a boarding school?

In 1992, we became The Harker School. The boarding program closed in 2002, and the school became one of the largest K-12 independent college preparatory schools in the west.

Does Harker have uniforms?

Harker families can purchase P.E. uniforms, school uniforms and logo items on a convenient one-stop-shopping website. The Eagle Store also has a space on the upper school campus where families can browse in person.

How much is basis tuition?

BASIS Independent Schools are funded entirely by tuition; there is no fund-raising or state or federal money. Tuition at BASIS Independent Schools ranges from $22,900 to $29,500, depending on the grade and location, representing as low as 50 to 60 percent Page 3 of peer private school tuition levels.

How do I get into Harker?

Our main entry points are kindergarten and grades 3, 4, 6 and 9. We accept applications to all other grades except grade 12, and enrollment will be offered to qualified applicants if a space becomes available. *Harker, K-12, has a 97% retention rate with minimal attrition.

How do I join Harker?

Required Application Components

  1. Application Checklist (PDF)
  2. Parent statement.
  3. Current English teacher recommendation.
  4. Current Math teacher recommendation.
  5. Current Principal/Counselor recommendation.
  6. Transcripts.
  7. Activity session (grade 6)
  8. Entrance exam results (ISEE or SSAT)

Does Harker High School have uniforms?

Is Harker public schools open to the public?

In addition to many annual events held for the school community, Harker also hosts dozens of events each year to which the public is welcome.

What time is lunch at the Harker Upper School?

Up-to-date bell schedules, lunch menus, and school events for students and faculty at the Harker Upper School. Harker Bell Schedule – HarkerDev chevron_left eventchevron_right Harker Bell Schedule settings apps Welcome back! Sep 13 – Sep 17, 2021 Mon 13 C P1 8:00–9:25 P4 9:35–11:00 Lunch 11:10–11:55 View menu Frosh. Mtg. Lunch 11:25–11:55

What kind of events does the Harker community offer?

From speaker events and musical concerts featuring world-renowned leaders and musicians, to our annual Harker Teacher Institute open to all educators, we’re honored to share these events with the greater Bay Area community. Subscribe to email updates on the Harker Concert Series or Harker Speaker Series by joining the event’s mailing list.

What is Harker alumni grand reunion?

Our alumni will meet in the quad and take a stroll down memory lane as we gather on the upper school campus for an afternoon of reuniting and reminiscing with friends, favorite faculty and staff at the inaugural Harker Alumni Grand Reunion! CHANGED: This event has changed to 5:30.