Does Eddie Stobart still own Southend Airport?

Does Eddie Stobart still own Southend Airport?

Stobart Group, the owner of Southend airport, plans to change its name to Esken. This follows the sale of the Eddie Stobart and Stobart trademarks to Eddie Stobart Logistics for £10 million in May 2020. Stobart Group agreed as a result of the deal that it would change its name before the end of February 2021.

Is Stobart Air same as Eddie Stobart?

The group had sold the “Eddie Stobart” and “Stobart” trademarks to Eddie Stobart Logistics, in May 2020, for £10m. In April 2021, Stobart Air and Carlisle Lake District airport were sold to Isle of Man-based company Ettyl; Esken retained its aviation activities at London Southend Airport.

Is Eddie Stobart still trading?

The owner of Cumbrian logistics firm Eddie Stobart has been sold for an undisclosed sum. The UK-based Culina Group has taken over Eddie Stobart’s parent company, GreenWhiteStar Acquistions. GreenWhiteStar Acquisitions also comprises of Eddie Stobart Europe, iForce, The Pallet Network, and The Logistics People.

Is Southend Airport being sold?

A UK logistics company has announced that it has agreed to sell more than a quarter of its stake in a London airport in a deal worth £125m. Esken Limited, formerly known as Stobart Group, has signed an agreement with CGIOF River (CGI) to sell 30 per cent of its stake in London Southend Airport (LSA) for £125m.

Who owns Stobart Airways?

Purchase by the Stobart Group In October 2010, the UK logistics group Stobart Group was revealed as a new part-owner of the airline, with a 5% stake (with the remainder owned by chairman Chairman Pádraig Ó Céidigh and UK businessman Tim Kilroe). By December 2012, the Stobart Group has increased its holding to 45%.

Is Ryanair leaving Southend?

Airline operator Ryanair has announced its decision to close its base at London Southend Airport (LSA) from November 1 this year. Esken remains focused on targeting airlines for the recovery of flying in summer 2022 when demand is expected to show a recovery post-Covid-19. …

Is Southend Airport closing down?

SOUTHEND Airport’s only terminal has been closed until next year as passenger flights are temporarily put on hold. The airport plans to reopen the terminal on January 1 of next year at the earliest, when bosses say they are expecting a “stronger demand” for passenger flights to return.

What will happen to Stobart’s Southend Airport site?

Stobart chief executive Andrew Tinkler said the group had conditionally agreed to buy Southend Airport from Regional Airports Limited for a maximum £21m. The group will then implement plans for the site, including construction of a new railway station, terminal and hotel “as soon as possible”.

Why work for London Southend Airport?

London Southend Airport is one of Southend’s major employers, with a dynamic, bustling and thriving working environment. It’s a great place to build a rewarding career; whether you’re just starting out, or looking to move up in the world. As we grow and develop, you’ll get the chance to grow and develop with us.

Is Eddie Stobart a forces-friendly employer?

Eddie Stobart is a forces-friendly employer. We received the Silver Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) award in April 2018. As a signatory to the Armed Forces Covenant, Eddie Stobart has pledged to support our Armed Forces. In particular we seek to:

Why fly with Stobart Jet Centre?

It costs on average 10% less to fly from Stobart Jet Centre than its London-based competitors and offers bespoke contracts to base clients A personalised service is delivered to all clients, who can move plane to car in less than two minutes, supported by an experienced team