Does Avenue Hospital accept NHIF for maternity?

Does Avenue Hospital accept NHIF for maternity?

Does Avenue Hospital Accept NHIF for Maternity? Yes. Both inpatient and outpatient services can be paid with NHIF.

How do I apply for Linda Mama?

How To Register For Linda Mama Via Phone

  1. Step 1 – Dial *263# on your phone.
  2. Step 2 – Select 1 on the NHIF mobile menu.
  3. Step 3 – Select your language option.
  4. Step 4 – Select Free Maternity as your scheme.
  5. Step 5 – Choose the type of identification for registration.

How much do you pay for Linda Mama?

How much do you pay for Linda mama? Linda mama is a free maternity programme run by NHIF. This means you can access all maternity services without paying a single cent. Just walk in to a hospital and walk out without having to worry about the hospital bill.

How much is normal delivery at Avenue Hospital?

Note: For Cash Payers we require a daily top up equivalent to the patient’s daily running balance

Maternity Charges Fees per Visit
Midwife Delivery Kshs. 30,000.00
Maternity Extra days (mother) Kshs. 4,800.00
Maternity Extra days (for baby) Kshs. 2,600.00
Replacement of Birth Notification Form Kshs. 400.00

Does Linda Mama cover ultrasound scan?

Despite the positive impacts of this mobile ultrasound service offered by Jionee to pregnant women, I felt concerned that neither Linda Mama nor National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) – government health insurance is yet to cover the cost of ultrasound scans for pregnant women in need.

How much does pregnancy scan cost in Kenya?

An individual prenatal visit to a private doctor that isn’t part of a package will cost a few thousand Kenyan Shillings, with additional costs for any tests and scans that you receive. An ultrasound can cost between KSH 600 and KSH 4,000.

Which hospitals does Linda Mama cover?

Linda mama hospitals in Nairobi Couty

Hospital Code Name Nearest NHIF office
22202576 Afya Medical Clinic, Dagoretti Market (Private) Nairobi
8000931 Arrow Web Hospital(Private) Buruburu
80002076 Bahati Community Hospital(Private) Buruburu
80001931 Cana Family Clinic / Resource Centre(Private) Industrial Area

Which is the best hospital to give birth in Kenya?

List of the best maternity hospitals in Nairobi

  • Coptic Hospital maternity package.
  • MP Shah Hospital maternity package.
  • Mater Hospital maternity package.
  • Nairobi West Hospital maternity package.
  • Nairobi Women’s Hospital maternity package.
  • Ruai Family Hospital maternity package.
  • Komarock Modern Hospital maternity package.

How much does giving birth in a private hospital cost?

According to data from medical aid schemes, the average cost of a natural birth in a private hospital is around R25,000, including two to three days spent in hospital. If your baby is delivered by Caesarean section, the cost jumps to between R38,000 and R44,000.