Do domestic helpers get public holidays?

Do domestic helpers get public holidays?

Yes, domestic helpers are entitled to statutory holidays regardless of their work duration. However, legally employers are not required to pay salary for the holiday until after the first 3 months of service.

How many holidays do you need for domestic helper?

A domestic worker is entitled to a paid annual leave after every 12 months with the same employer. The first 2 years, the number of holidays are 7, after which one more day is added, with the maximum days capped at 14.

Are domestic helpers Hong Kong residents?

Since 1997, section 2(4) of the Immigration Ordinance has stated that “a person shall not be treated as ordinarily resident in Hong Kong while employed as a domestic helper who is from outside Hong Kong”. Therefore, foreign domestic helpers only receive temporary status since they enter Hong Kong with a temporary visa.

Can I bring my helper to Thailand?

Thailand Thanks to the Thai embassy visa exemption, your Indonesian or Filipino helper can enter Thailand for up to 30 days without a visa (but only twice per year mind you).

How is maid off day salary calculated?

Your maid’s compensation for a worked day off should be equivalent to at least one day’s wage and be paid on a monthly basis together with her salary. To calculate her daily wage, simply divide her monthly salary by 26.

How much is the salary of domestic helper in Hong Kong?

What is the minimum wage for domestic helpers? The minimum allowable wage for domestic helpers is set at 4,630 HKD/month.

How many households in Hong Kong have domestic helpers?

The Hong Kong government has allowed foreign domestic workers to come to the city since the 1970s to address a shortage of local, live-in domestic help. As of 2020, there were about 374,000 foreign domestic helpers working in Hong Kong.

How much does a maid cost in Thailand?

Maid. You can hire either a full-time or part-time maid in Thailand. A full-time “live-in” maid (one who lives in your house) salary is 15,000 baht, on average per month. When you hire a full-time maid, she can cook, do laundry, or even take care of your kids.

How many statutory holidays are there in Hong Kong?

According to the Employee Ordinance of the Labour Legislation, 13 of the 17 public holidays are compulsory for employers to give to the employees. These 13 holidays are known as statutory holidays (Chinese: 法定假期), labour holidays (Chinese: 勞工假期), or factory holidays (Chinese: 工廠假期).

When do domestic helpers get holidays in Hong Kong?

Also, according to Hong Kong law, in case a statutory holiday falls on a rest day, the domestic helper should be given a holiday on the day following the rest day. The number of annual days that a helper should receive depends on the years she has worked for you.

What are the rights of foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, foreign domestic helpers are entitled to leaves under the Employment Ordinance, including: rest days, statutory holidays, paid annual leave, and vacation leave. Every employer must grant their domestic helper a rest day for a continuous period of at least 24 hours every 7 days.

What are statutory holidays for domestic helpers?

Statutory Holidays are mandatory – you must give your domestic helper the day off. They are mandatory irrespective of the length of service – no matter if your domestic helper has been with you for 2 years or only 2 days, she must have the day off.

What are the general holidays (public holidays) in Hong Kong?

What about the general holidays (public holidays)? Besides the 12 statutory holidays, Hong Kong has another 5 general holidays on which most employees are free: Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Monday, Buddha’s Birthday and Boxing Day (December 26). You are not required to give your domestic helper general holidays (public holidays).