Did Hone Heke have a family?

Did Hone Heke have a family?

Heke’s marriage to Ono, daughter of Ngāpuhi leader Te Pahi, occurred during the years of calm spent with the missionaries. They had two children, a son, Hoani (Hōne), and a daughter, Marianne.

How many times did Hone Heke chop down the flagpole?

The focus of his protest was the British flag flying at Kororareka (Russell). He had the flagstaff there cut down four times. War broke out between Heke and his allies and government forces.

Where did Hone Heke come from?

Pakaraka, New ZealandHōne Heke / Place of birthPakaraka is a settlement in Northland, New Zealand, at the junction of State Highway 1 and 10, in the district the Ngāpuhi tribe called Tai-a-mai. Wikipedia

Who was plundering and looting Kororareka?

When Lieutenant G. Philpotts of the Hazard ordered the bombardment of Kororāreka, Māori began looting the town. The Anglican and Catholic churches were spared from destruction on Heke’s orders.

Who cut down the flagpole at Waitangi?

Hōne Heke
Hōne Heke was the first of 45 powerful northern chiefs to sign the Treaty at Waitangi. He later grew disappointed at the loss of trade with European ships, and at challenges to his authority. From late 1844 he and his men repeatedly cut down the flagpole above the bay at Kororāreka.

What was Hone Heke’s occupation?

Hōne Heke became a lay preacher in the Anglican church. Riria and the children died soon after and Heke married Hariata (Harriet) Rongo, daughter of Hongi Hika, in the Kerikeri chapel on 30 March 1837. Despite becoming a Christian, it was as a warrior and as a leader of a Māori rebellion that Hōne Heke is best known.

How long did the battle of Ruapekapeka last?

Te Papa (2000-0008-1). Te Ruapekapeka, was the last battle of the Northern War of 1845-1846, which was the first major conflict between the British Crown and iwi to follow the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in 1840.

What happened after Hōne Heke cut down the flag?

After the flagstaff fell, Heke and other prominent rangatira reached out to Governor Fitzroy (Governor Hobson had died suddenly a few years earlier). Heke offered to erect a new flagstaff and urged Fitzroy not to send any soldiers.

Did Hone Heke go to England?

Journey to England and subsequent warfare: 1820–1825. In 1820 Hongi Hika, his nephew Waikato and Kendall travelled to England on board the whaling ship New Zealander. He spent 5 months in London and Cambridge where his facial moko tattoos made him something of a sensation.

What happened at the Battle of Puketutu?

A British assault party of more than 200 men attacked Puketutu on 8 May. They were surprised by 140 fighters led by Te Ruki Kawiti who had been hiding in the bush. Turning to deal with Kawiti, the British appeared to be gaining the upper hand when Heke led a group from the pā. Fierce fighting ensued.

What happened at the Battle of Ohaeawai?

In a matter of minutes, 40 British troops lay dead and another 70 were wounded. Ōhaeawai, the prototype of the ‘modern pa’, was a major advance in the Māori response to new weaponry. Firing and communication trenches protected the occupants while allowing rapid movement within the pā.

What happened after Hone Heke cut down the flag?