Can I pay my rent online?

Can I pay my rent online?

Payments can be made securely online with a payment reference number and bank card. Payments made before 6pm on a working day will normally show on the rent account the following working day.

How do I pay my Newcastle council rent?

Payments can be made by calling 0191 278 7878. Please follow the telephone instructions below: Step 1: When prompted say ‘payments’ Step 2: When prompted say the type of payment you wish to make e.g. ‘rent’ and continue to follow the payment instructions.

How do I find my rent account number?

You can find your rent account number on your housing payment card. You can also find it on a rent statement in the top left of the page.

Who is Yhn?

With thousands of homes located across Newcastle, Your Homes Newcastle (YHN) is one of the largest property management organisations in the region, providing high quality homes and supported living schemes, together with person-centred customer support services.

How do I pay my rent over the phone?

Call the automated payment line 0800 021 7763 (see call charges). This is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week….Pay rent by telephone

  1. Your debit/credit card number ready and its expiry date.
  2. Your rent account number.
  3. The amount you want to pay.

How do I pay my rent by direct debit?

Alternatively, telephone the Council Housing Direct Debit team on 020 8921 3201 and arrange to pay by Direct Debit over the phone. You will need a UK bank account to set up a Direct Debit. It is important to arrange to pay your bills – including rent – immediately after you receive your benefit payments.

Do students have to pay council tax?

Your property is ‘exempt’ from council tax if it’s only occupied by full-time university or college students. Student halls of residence are automatically exempt. If your property isn’t exempt, some people, including full-time students, are ‘disregarded’.

Can you pay council tax with American Express?

Once you are signed up, you can pay your council tax bill using your American Express card. American Express cannot be used to pay private individuals under any scenario, even if you have an invoice.

How do I find my rent statement?

You can view your rent statement through your My eAccount, and then select Council Housing. To see your statement you’ll need to enter the rent account number shown on your rent payment card or housing statement.

What is rent payment reference number?

To make a payment you will need your payment reference number. This number is eight digits long and you will find it on your payment card or a recent rent statement. If you cannot locate your payment reference you can get it by calling: 020 8753 6032 (Option 2) Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am – 5pm.

How do I contact Yhn?

Phone: For all enquiries call us on 0191 278 8600….You can also:

  1. Call us on 0191 278 8600.
  2. Email us: [email protected]
  3. Write to us: Customer Experience Team, Your Homes Newcastle, YHN House, Benton Park Road, Newcastle, NE7 7LX.

How do I contact Tyne and Wear homes?

Contact details

  1. Main Telephone: 0191 278 8600.
  2. Website:
  3. Email: [email protected]

Where can I pay my YHN rent and service charges?

You can still pay your YHN rent and service charges in person at any Post Office or PayPoint outlet. To do this you need: A swipe card or The barcode on your letter or ticket.

How can I pay my rent or service charges?

We offer a number of different payment methods to help make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to make a payment: You can set up a Direct Debit over the telephone by calling 0191 278 8600 or you can request a Direct Debit mandate from your local Community Hub. It’s quick and easy to pay your rent or service charges online.

How can I get in contact with YHN?

You can also call us on 0191 278 8600. You can also call us on 0191 278 8600. Your feedback helps us to shape our services here at YHN. There are lots of different ways you can get involved with us no matter what your needs are, the skills and experience you have, or the amount of time you have to spare.

What does yyhn do for veterans?

YHN is a partner of the Armed Forces Outreach Service, which helps veterans living in the North East to make the transition from military life back into ci Is this page useful? Why could you not find the information you required?