Can I feed my axolotl just pellets?

Can I feed my axolotl just pellets?

There are a lot of great pellet choices for axolotls. Hikari sinking pellets are what my axolotl loves and they’re great for when the axolotl is still growing. Sinking salmon pellets are also popular. However, some axolotls will not eat pellets, especially if they have already been eating worms.

What is the best food for axolotls?

In their natural habitat, you will find axolotls munching on small insects, including worms, fish, larvae, mollusks. However, in captivity, it’s best to feed your axolotl nightcrawlers, blackworms, daphnia, raw meat, brine shrimp, and pellets.

How do you feed axolotl pellets?

Make sure the pellet is small enough for your axolotl’s mouth.

  1. Wait until they are hungry!
  2. If they are used to feeding from tongs or fingers, try this method first.
  3. Try dropping the pellets one by one just above their nose, so that they are tempted to snap.

What are axolotl pellets?

Blue Planet Axolotl pellets are nutritious sinking pellets that have been specifically formulated to meet the nutritional requirements for general health and wellbeing of Axolotls and various Cat Fish. Feeding Directions: Feed your Axolotl once or twice per day.

How many pellets should I give my axolotl?

But after looking I give her 2-3 sinking pellets a day and an earthworm every other day.

Can you overfeed axolotls?

Overfeeding causes two main problems: An axolotl will suffer from digestive issues and complications because they are not physically capable of being able to digest their food. This can cause impaction, obesity, and in extreme cases, can also be fatal.

How many pellets Should I feed My axolotl?

What should axolotls not eat?

Avoid worms that taste bitter, such as red wigglers (Eisenia fetida). To avoid spoilage, don’t buy larger quantities of dry food than your axolotl can consume in approximately one month, and try to reseal the package properly after use. Don’t allow frozen food to thaw and then re-freeze.

Why is my axolotl spitting out food?

Axolotls may ignore or spit food out when it’s too big, too hard, or it just has a nasty taste. Try cutting overlarge food in half. You can use scissors to cut up large earthworms, or a pill cutter to cut overlage pellets. Don’t allow frozen food to thaw and then re-freeze.

What pellets do axolotls eat?

Axolotls eat worms, insects, small fish, and just about anything else that can fit inside their mouth and swallow whole, including other salamanders. In the lab, axolotls are fed brine shrimp, California blackworms (Lumbriculus varigatus), and salmon pellets.

Can you overfeed a axolotl?

Adult axolotls can eat an entire worm in three minutes, while younger axolotls will consume much less during this time. While you do not want to overfeed your axolotl, you do not want them underfed either. You must make sure that they are getting enough to eat.

Is aloe vera bad for axolotls?

The Aloe Vera in STRESS COAT can cause issues with many axolotls. One major negative of Stress Coat is that it uses amine based polymers that have potential toxicity issues when used with Resins such as Purigen. The active ingredients in Aqua safe are Sodium hydroxymethane, sulfinate, polyvinvy.