Are Rhonda and Ketut a real couple?

Are Rhonda and Ketut a real couple?

Kadek Mahardika, AKA Ketut, has married his Rhonda in a beachside ceremony in Bali. The 31-year-old, who rose to fame in 2012 after starring in a viral AAMI advertisement, married Australian girlfriend Laura Jack at Bali’s Nusa Dua resort. The couple revealed the details of their wedding in this week’s New Idea.

Who is Rhonda and Ketut?

Ketut – played by actor Kadek Mahardika – tells viewers in a FaceTime call: ‘Eyes on the future Australia. Vax up,’ as he reveals a band aid on his arm. He then turns the camera to show Rhonda, played by actress Mandy McElhinney, reclined on a sun lounge dressed in an intricate kaftan, and cradling their child.

What year did Rhonda meet Ketut?

Rhonda and Ketut first appeared on our TV screens in 2012 and have become an iconic advert pairing. Made famous in a series of adverts which have since become iconic, Aussie Rhonda meets her younger Balinese lover Ketut whilst on a holiday in our favourite paradise isle.

Is Ketut real?

Kadek Mahardika, the man better known as Ketut from AAMI’s famous 2012 commercials, has married his girlfriend in a beachside ceremony in Bali.

How old is Rhonda Burchmore now?

61 years (May 15, 1960)Rhonda Burchmore / Age
Rhonda Burchmore, 61, shows off her extremely taught visage and line-free complexion as she promotes new burlesque show on Today Extra. She may have recently celebrated her 61st birthday.

How tall is Rhonda Burchmore in feet and inches?

6′ 0″Rhonda Burchmore / Height

Who is Rhonda Birchmores husband?

Dr. Nikolai JeuniewicRhonda Burchmore / Husband

Are Rhonda and Ketut back on TV?

Rhonda and Ketut are back! TV’s iconic couple appear in a new AAMI advertisement with their baby to encourage people to get vaccinated Rhonda and Ketut captured Australia’s hearts over a series of successful ads for insurance provider AAMI, which began almost a decade ago.

What did Rhonda Rhonda and Ketut say to their baby?

‘What daddy said huh,’ she says to their little one, adding: ‘Vax up Australia, like a sunrise.’ ‘Like a sunrise’ became the catchphrase of the Rhonda and Ketut’s love story within the viral campaign, which began in 2012.

Is Rhonda and Ketut Australia’s greatest love story?

Rhonda and Ketut: Australia’s greatest love story will be used in a new vaccination push.

Does Rhonda meet Ketut in Bali?

In the series of ads, Rhonda meets her younger lover while on holiday in Bali. Their summer fling then becomes a long-term relationship when Ketut reunites with Rhonda at her high school reunion, which final ad for the campaign in 2014.