Are Red Funnel ferries still running?

Are Red Funnel ferries still running?

The Red Jet hi-speed service is currently operating a reduced timetable, with sailings every 1 hour and 20 minutes. Outside of these sailings, passengers can travel on the vehicle ferry as an alternative.

How long does Red Funnel crossing take?

Approximately 25 minutes
How long does the journey take? Approximately 25 minutes.

How often are Red Funnel ferries?

every 60-90 minutes
Our regular car ferry service usually depart every 60-90 minutes from Southampton T1 and East Cowes during the day, with reduced sailings at night.

How many cars does Red Funnel hold?

She carries 892 passengers and 220 cars on 3 deck levels and operates 4,000 sailings per annum, clocking up an amazing 45,500 miles each year.

Do you need ID for Isle of Wight ferry?

Some of our discounted fares – such as our Multilink Passes, require photo ID so some customers use their driving licence or passport. However, individual bookings or tickets do not require ID for travelling to the Isle of Wight – just have your e-ticket or booking number to hand.

Are Isle of Wight ferries running?

Find out whether our vehicle ferries and FastCats are running on time and check the live status of the Wightlink service using our ferry locations map….Ryde Pier Head.

Monday to Friday Saturday Sunday
07.45 07.45 07.45
08.45 08.45 08.45
09.45 09.45 09.45
10.45 10.45 10.45

How long is the crossing from Southampton to Isle of Wight?

55-60 minutes
Crossing time 55-60 minutes. Check-in 30-60 minutes before departure. Book online or by phone.

Can you smoke on Red Funnel?

In accordance with the statutory ban on smoking in public areas, Red Funnel enforces a No Smoking policy inside all its terminal areas and inside its vessels. The only exception is the designated smoking area on ‘A deck’ (outside deck) of the Passenger Vehicle Ferries where smoking and vaping is permitted.

Can you cancel Red Funnel?

Any cancellations are subject to Red Funnel’s standard Terms & Conditions which include a cancellation fee of 50% for Saver Ticket bookings. We are however temporarily granting customers the option to retain any cancellation fees as a credit towards a future booking.

How many cars fit on a Red Funnel ferry?

Are Red Funnel ferries serving food?

ReFuel Café Restaurants Dining has always been part of the travel experience and if you choose Red Funnel you can enjoy a wide range of delicious, lovingly prepared dishes made with some of the freshest local ingredients from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.