Are Jupiter saxophones any good?

Are Jupiter saxophones any good?

While Jupiter saxophones are not as popular at the professional level as some other brands, Jupiter has developed a positive reputation for producing quality beginner and intermediate horns. Most new Jupiter saxes have improved in quality, although they can still generally lose their resale value quite quickly.

Is a Jupiter alto saxophone good?

Jupiter saxophones are durable, affordable and sound great! If you’re looking for a reliable beginner or intermediate saxophone, Jupiter is worth a look.

How much are Jupiter saxophones?

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This item Jupiter JAS700 Student Eb Alto Saxophone Jupiter Intermediate Eb Alto Saxophone, JAS1100SG
Customer Rating (0) 4.0 out of 5 stars (1)
Price $1,359.86 $2,624.00
Sold By ALAMO MUSIC PlayMusic123
Instrument Key E Flat E Flat

What is a good intermediate alto saxophone?

Best Alto Saxphones

  • Yamaha YAS-280 Student Saxophone – Best Saxophone for Intermediate Players.
  • Mendini by Cecilio MAS-L – Cheapest Saxophone.
  • Jean Paul AS-400 – Best Saxophone for Beginners.
  • Kaizer Alto Saxophone.
  • Yamaha YAS-480 – Best Budget Intermediate Sax.

Is Jupiter a good brand?

Many trumpet players love Jupiter. They can be a great brand for buying trumpets for beginner and intermediate players. Especially with their beginner models, trumpet players frequently have high praise for the Jupiter brand. When looking for the best brands for beginners, Jupiter is a great choice.

Where are Jupiter saxophones made?

The entire Jupiter 500 series are made in China and the Jupiter 700 series are assembled in Taiwan.

Is Jupiter a good instrument brand?

Jupiter is a well-known instrument manufacturer that makes great instruments for beginner and intermediate players. Their trumpets are reliable, easy to play, and have a great sound, but come with a high price tag.

Where is Jupiter saxophone made?

Are Jupiter trumpets bad?

Jupiter trumpets are free-blowing and well-balanced. They respond well to each player and have great intonation. These positive qualities are crucial for classical music. However, Jupiter trumpets are ideal for only beginner and intermediate players.