Why was Jake and the Fatman Cancelled?

Why was Jake and the Fatman Cancelled?

However, when CBS’ lease on the Hawaii studio expired in 1991, the series was forced to move back to Los Angeles, it’s setting for the first season. McCabe carried on his DA duties in Califonia, but it ultimately produced diminishing results, with the series being canceled for good a year later.

What was the dog’s name in Jake and the Fatman?

He is teamed with a handsome, happy-go-lucky special investigator named Jake Styles. They often clash due to their different styles and personalities. “Fatman” hardly travels anywhere without Max, his pet bulldog.

Why did Jake and the Fatman move to Hawaii?

(1980) was ending, leaving CBS with a very expensive lease on an empty Hawaii studio. The producers of this show came up with the idea of the Fat Man retiring from Los Angeles and moving to Hawaii to take up criminal law, with his investigators coming along. He later became District Attorney for Honolulu.

Is Jake and the Fatman still alive?

William Conrad, who starred in the television series “Jake and the Fatman,” “Cannon” and other shows, died on Friday at the Medical Center of North Hollywood. He was 73. The cause was a heart attack, said a hospital spokeswoman, Tricia Spellman.

Is William Conrad still alive?

Deceased (1920–1994)William Conrad / Living or Deceased

Was William Conrad married?

Tippy Stringer Huntleym. 1980–1994
Susan Randall Conradm. 1957–1979June Nelsonm. 1943–1957
William Conrad/Spouse

Is Joe Penny married?

Cindy M. PennyJoe Penny / Spouse (m. 2004)

How old is Joe Penny?

65 years (June 24, 1956)Joe Penny / Age

Was Frank Cannon married?

Cannon was a widower, having lost his wife and son in a bomb attack while he was on the police force, as revealed in the two-hour pilot. Conrad was an overweight actor, and the series, especially in its early episodes, made frequent mention of Cannon’s weight.

What was William Conrad’s weight?

230 pounds
While starring in the show, he weighed 230 pounds (104 kg), and ballooned to 260 pounds (118 kg) or more.