Why is Season 1 of Batman: The Animated Series so long?

Why is Season 1 of Batman: The Animated Series so long?

Season 1 (1992–1993) 65 episodes were produced for Season One, due to it being the minimum number of episodes necessary for a TV series to be successfully syndicated.

Who plays the Mad Hatter in Batman: The Animated Series?

Roddy McDowall
“Batman: The Animated Series” Mad as a Hatter (TV Episode 1992) – Roddy McDowall as The Mad Hatter, Jervis Tetch – IMDb.

When did Batman: The Animated Series end?

September 15, 1995Batman: The Animated Series / Final episode date

How old is Bruce Wayne in Batman: The Animated Series?

In A Better World and Kids Stuff, his age is given as 8. In a deleted scene from Return of the Joker, his age is given as 9. In Batman: The Animated Series Guide, his age is given as 10.

What episodes of Ouat is Jefferson in?

He appears in Season 1 episodes “Hat Trick,” “An Apple Red as Blood,” and “A Land Without Magic,” and in Season 2 episodes “We Are Both,” “Lady of the Lake,” and “The Doctor.”

What order should I watch Batman: The Animated Series?

Order. The second episode of BTAS has Robin as Batman’s partner, then he just disappear….(Season 2) Year Two:

  1. Heart of Ice.
  2. On Leather Wings.
  3. The Joker’s Favor.
  4. Nothing to Fear.
  5. Beware the Grey Ghost.
  6. I’ve Got Batman in My Basement.
  7. The Cat and the Claw Part 1.
  8. The Cat and the Claw Part 2.

How many episodes of Batman are there in the animated series?

Batman: The Animated Series is an American television series based on the DC Comics superhero Batman, which was produced by Warner Bros. Animation and originally aired on Fox from 1992 to 1995; lasting 85 episodes.

How long is each episode of the DC Animated Series?

Each episode is approximately 22 minutes long, excluding commercials. The series is part of what has become known as the DC animated universe, which consists of eight animated television shows and six animated films, largely surrounding DC Comics characters and their respective mythos .

How did Batman wake up in the sewer?

After being knocked out in a mysterious warehouse, Batman wakes up in a world where his parents are alive, he is engaged to Selina Kyle, and someone else is Batman. Error: please try again. Batman discovers a subterranean colony of children in the sewer system dominated by the insane Sewer King.

What happens on Christmas Eve in Batman and Robin?

On Christmas Eve, Joker broadcasts a pirate Christmas special on television. Batman and Robin have until midnight to fight their way past Joker’s traps hidden all over town and rescue Commissioner Gordon, Harvey Bullock, and Summer Gleeson. Error: please try again.