Who were the 7 signatories?

Who were the 7 signatories?

On Easter Monday, 24 April 1916, seven Irishmen proclaimed the establishment of the Irish Republic. They were Éamonn Ceannt, Thomas Clarke, James Connolly, Seán MacDiarmada, Thomas MacDonagh, Patrick Pearse, and Joseph Plunkett.

Why did James Connolly set up the Irish Citizen Army in 1913?

The Citizen Army arose out of the great strike of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU) in 1913, known as the Lockout of 1913. The dispute was over the recognition of that labour union, founded by James Larkin. Other companies, encouraged by Murphy, sacked ITGWU members in an effort to break the union.

Who won the Irish rebellion of 1798?

Irish Rebellion of 1798

Date 24 May – 12 October 1798
Location Ireland
Result Government victory Acts of Union 1800 United Irishmen guerrilla campaign in Leinster until 1804 Sporadic, smaller-scale attempts at rebellion until 1804 including the Irish Rebellion of 1803 and the Castle Hill Rebellion

Who signed the Proclamation names?

The Seven Signatories of the Proclamation

  • Éamonn Ceannt.
  • James Connolly.
  • Joseph Plunkett.
  • Patrick Pearse.
  • Seán MacDiarmada.
  • Thomas MacDonagh.
  • Tom Clarke.

Was James Connolly in the IRA?

James Connolly (Irish: Séamas Ó Conghaile; 5 June 1868 – 12 May 1916) was an Irish republican, socialist and trade union leader. He opposed British rule in Ireland, and was one of the leaders of the Easter Rising of 1916, commanding the Irish Citizen Army throughout.

Who led the Irish Citizen Army?

James Connolly
James LarkinJack White
Irish Citizen Army/Founders

Is Rebellion a true story?

22 and takes place in 1920, during Ireland’s War for Independence. Since it’s based on a historical event, Rebellion is loosely based on a true story. But the series also takes some fictional liberties — think Downton Abbey or Peaky Blinders — so not everything should be taken at face value.