Who sings Cruisin with Smokey Robinson?

Who sings Cruisin with Smokey Robinson?

Smokey RobinsonCruisin’ / ArtistWilliam “Smokey” Robinson Jr. is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and former record executive director. Robinson was the founder and front man of the Motown vocal group the Miracles, for which he was also chief songwriter and producer. Wikipedia

Who sang Smokey Robinson on The Voice?

Rio Souma
Rio Souma, 28, performed Smokey Robinson and the Miracles’ “Cruisin'” as part of the blind auditions for “The Voice.” Three of the four judges turned their chairs to add Souma to their team. “Rio, you have an incredible gift,” said judge Kelly Clarkson.

Who wrote the song Cruisin?

Smokey Robinson
Marv Tarplin

When did the song Cruisin come out?

1979Cruisin’ / Released

What is the meaning of the song Cruisin by Smokey Robinson?

Cruisin” means whatever you want it to. Whatever it means to you, that’s what it means. “ I love it when we’re cruisin’ together.” Now what does that mean to you? It means so-and-so. OK, that’s what it means.” Smokey Robinson (811) “A song should hang together in the way you portray it for people.

Who did Smokey Robinson married?

Frances Glandneym. 2002
Claudette Rogers Robinsonm. 1959–1986
Smokey Robinson/Spouse

What vocal range is Smokey Robinson?

№4 — Smokey Robinson His voice does not have a smoky pitch like Nat King Cole’s voice. Instead, Robinson projects a sweet sound that begins at a lower falsetto and works its way upward three octaves. His normal speaking voice is a falsetto just south of Michael Jackson’s without the breathiness.

Is the guy from Michigan still on the voice?

ROCKFORD, MI – He quit his job at Apple to pursue a singing career and now he’s on Team Nick Jonas on the hit NBC reality singing competition, “The Voice.” Bradley Sinclair said he moved to Nashville recently and says he has loved music “since he was in diapers.” He says he got into singing when he was 12.

Who played guitar on Cruisin?

Smokey Robinson told The Guardian’s 1000 Songs Everyone Must Hear supplement that when he wrote this song, his guitarist Marv Tarplin had already written the music. Smokey added: “He put it on cassette and gave it to me to write the lyric. As it turned out, it took me five years to write.

Who sang Cruisin with Huey Lewis?

Huey Lewis and the NewsCruisin’ / Artist

What year did Cruisin by Smokey Robinson come out?

Who wrote Ooh Baby?

Warren “Pete” Moore
Ooo Baby Baby/Composers