Who played an Ibanez Destroyer?

Who played an Ibanez Destroyer?

Super-Strats became Eddie’s guitars of choice by the 1980s. But, in the early days of Van Halen, the Ibanez Destroyer was the king of his rig. And, it’s the guitar that he played for some of VH’s defining early moments.

Does Ibanez still make the destroyer?

The Destroyer series is a line of solid body electric guitars manufactured for Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand….Portal:Destroyer series.

Code: GDTM / DG / DT / DTX
Total models: 35
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Signature models: Phil Collen (DG555/ DT555)

What rock bands use Ibanez guitars?


  • Canada. Kale Adam. Solo.
  • Thailand. Ae Aekachai Krai-arnon. Ae Wizard.
  • Chile. Damián Agurto. Crisálida Invictor.
  • Turkey. Gür Akad.
  • Indonesia. Firman Al Hakim.
  • Germany. Andrei Alexandru. Shark.
  • France. Edouard Algaillon. Star Academy.
  • Sweden. David Andersson. Soilwork.

What guitar did Eddie Van Halen use?

Which Guitars Did Eddie van Halen Use? The most known- about guitar Eddie Van Halen used is the Franken Strat or the Frankenstein. The guitar was creatively self-made by the multi-talented singer and named after Frankenstein, the fictional doctor said to have combined body parts to create a monster.

Who invented the Superstrat?

While many believe Van Halen’s 1977 Frankenstrat to be the first Superstrat, Michael Hampton of Parliament-Funkadelic often used a sunburst Stratocaster with 3 humbucking pickups and a reversed headstock during the band’s tours in the mid-to-late 1970s.

Why did EVH have a quarter on his guitar?

The placement of the 1971 quarter was to keep the Floyd Rose bridge flush with the body when he would drop tune during live songs, and Van Halen attached truck reflectors to the rear of the body so he could flip the guitar over to reflect stage lights onto the crowd.