Who owns the Red Dog Mine?

Who owns the Red Dog Mine?

The Red Dog Mine is located on land owned by NANA, an Alaska Native Corporation of the Iñupiat people. More than 600 NANA shareholders work at Red Dog as employees or contractors.

How deep is the Red Dog Mine?

The Red Dog Mine is an open pit mine which is expected to ultimately reach 1600 m x 915 m x 122 m deep — more than 150 times the volume of the Empire State Building.

What do they mine at Red Dog?

The Red Dog mine is a large zinc and lead mine in a remote region of Alaska, about 80 miles (130 km) north of Kotzebue, which is owned and operated by the Canadian mining company Teck Resources. The mine is the world’s largest producer of zinc and has the world’s largest zinc reserves.

Where is zinc found in Alaska?

Zinc is one of the major metals found and mined in Alaska, with hundreds of thousands of tons mined annually worth over $1 billion. The largest Zinc mine in the nation is Red Dog Mine in northwest Alaska.

Who supports Pebble mine?

The Pebble Limited Partnership is now 100% owned by The Northern Dynasty Partnership, which is a wholly owned Canadian-based subsidiary of Northern Dynasty Minerals, Limited.

Is Red Dog toxic?

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Red Dog Mine creates more toxic waste than any other operation in the United States. But, almost all of the toxic waste reported by Red Dog are rocks (waste rock and tailings) which do not leave the site, but that “naturally” contain >2% sulfide minerals [2].

Who owns Fort Knox gold mine?

Kinross Gold
The Fort Knox Gold Mine is an open pit gold mine, 9 mi (14 km) east of Fox in the Fairbanks mining district of Alaska. It is owned and operated by Toronto-based Kinross Gold….Fort Knox Gold Mine.

Discovered 1987
Opened 1996
Company Kinross Gold