Who owns PizzaExpress in India?

Who owns PizzaExpress in India?

PizzaExpressPizzaExpress India / Parent organizationPizzaExpress is a British multinational restaurant group, owned by a group of bondholders. It has over 470 restaurants across the United Kingdom and 100 overseas in Europe, Hong Kong, China, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, The Philippines, The United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Saudi Arabia. Wikipedia

How much debt is PizzaExpress in?

Pizza Express’s £665 Million Debts Are Set to Wipe Out Its Owner.

Why is PizzaExpress closing down?

The closures come after the chain shut 74 restaurants after entering a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) in September 2020. The CVA reduced rents and gave landlords the opportunity to terminate leases until 3 December. A number of sites have already been returned to landlords.

Does PizzaExpress have franchises?

With regards to Pizza Express franchise, there are no Pizza Express franchises in the UK or Ireland anymore. There are both new and existing Perfect Pizza franchises for sale in the UK. Perfect Pizza is not a member of the British Franchise Association.

Is PizzaExpress in financial trouble?

Pizza Express is the latest restaurant chain to hit the headlines as its financial woes reach boiling point. The company is saddled with a mountain of debt – debt that is eating their profits and leaving the business technically insolvent.

Is Pizza Express bust?

arlier this evening Pizza Express announced it will close 73 restaurants and cut 1,100 jobs after being hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. Pizza Express, which is majority owned by Chinese firm Hony Capital, also confirmed it had hired advisers from Lazard to lead a sale process for the business.

How do I get a PizzaExpress franchise?

Pizza Express does not offer a franchise option, all Pizza Express outlets are company owned.

Who is the CEO of PizzaExpress?

Jinlong Wang (2017–)PizzaExpress / CEO