Who is Vegeta Jr and Goku Jr?

Who is Vegeta Jr and Goku Jr?

Vegeta Jr. is Goku Jr.’s opponent in the World Martial Arts Tournament. The result of their match is never revealed, but both are seen to have the ability to become Super Saiyans, despite the fact that they are both less than one-quarter Saiyan.

Can Goku Jr go Super Saiyan God?

Both Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. are able to achieve Super Saiyan.

Who is Vegeta Jr father?

GotenksVegeta Jr. / FatherGotenk is the immensely powerful result of Trunks and Goten successfully using the Fusion Dance, and the first successful fusion dance character to be seen in the Dragon Ball series. He likes to call himself, ‘The Hero of Justice’. Fandom

Does Trunks have a kid?

Trunks Jr. Trunks Jr. (Trunks after his father dies) is the first son of Trunks. He is best friends with Goten ‘s son Bardock Jr., referred to as Bardock.

Is Vegeta Jr friendly to Goku?

Even though Vegeta Jr. is only seen for a moment in the series, his personality is shown reminiscent of his ancestor Vegeta. Though unlike Vegeta, Vegeta Jr. seems to be playful and friendly, as he only wanted to fight Goku Jr. for fun rather than to prove superiority.

Is Goku Jr on his own now?

Now, Goku Jr is on his own. Adventure has taken since Goku and his friend is in the other world. Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr is on their own. This takes place in Age 900.

What does Goku say to his son in Dragon Ball Super?

After that, Goku tells Goku Jr. to keep and treasure the Four-Star Dragon Ball as a memory of him and tells him that he is proud of him and wishes him good luck for his future. Goku Jr. is not as strong as Goku was at his age because Goku Jr. lacked the incentive to train.

How did Vegeta Jr become Super Saiyan?

There isn’t much information known about Vegeta Jr.’s training, but he achieved the legendary transformation Super Saiyan and he is able to combat his opponent, Goku Jr . Flight – Vegeta Jr. shows this ability in the World Martial Arts Tournament when he fights Goku Jr.