Who is Andrea Roth?

Who is Andrea Roth?

Mini Bio (1) Andrea Roth, a first generation Scottish-Dutch Canadian, was born in Woodstock, Ontario. Her first theatrical appearance was in The Miracle Worker when she was eleven.

How tall is Andrea Roth height and weight?

Andrea Roth measurements Despite Andrea Roth age of 50 years, the actress has remained phenomenally stable in maintaining her weight and earned herself a killer body figure. She has a height of 1.71 meters and weighs about 54.9kgs. Other measurements include 36-26-37 for her breast size, waist size and hips size, respectively.

Who are Adriana Roth’s parents?

Adriana Roth is the child of Hans Roth (father and Scottish) and Adrianna Jannigje Roth (mother and Dutch). She was born in Woodstock Ontario, Canada as a first generation Canadian but has since moved to the United States as a full-time actress.

Who is Lisa Roth married to?

The most famous role is in RoboCop, where Roth acted as Diana Powers in 1994. Apart from her career, she is a wife to Todd Biermann and mother to Ava Reese currently aged nine years. To date, she leads a successful married life with her boyfriend turned husband, and continues to enjoy a successful career in acting.

What is the nationality of Elizabeth Roth?

Roth, a first-generation Canadian, was born in Woodstock, Ontario, to a Scottish mother and a Dutch father. Her first big role was in the Canadian horror film The Club (1994), directed by Brenton Spencer, and appeared in numerous television series and TV movies before landing her role on Rescue Me.

When did Andrea Roth have a baby?

On March 29, 2010, Roth gave birth to a daughter with Todd Biermann. The couple married on October 7, 2011. ^ “Andrea Roth”. Northern Stars. Archived from the original on February 18, 2009. Retrieved August 29, 2008. ^ “Andrea Roth > Overview”.