Which is the correct definition for pole?

Which is the correct definition for pole?

Definition of pole (Entry 3 of 5) 1 : either extremity of an axis of a sphere and especially of the earth’s axis. 2a : either of two related opposites. b : a point of guidance or attraction.

What is an example of pole?

A pole is defined as a long piece of wood, metal or other material. The definition of a pole is either end of a dividing line through a sphere, or the opposing ends of two forces. An example of a pole is Antarctica. An example of a pole is the negative terminal on a car battery.

How is pole described completely?

A pole is a long thin piece of wood or metal, used especially for supporting things. He reached up with a hooked pole to roll down the metal shutter. 2. countable noun. The earth’s poles are the two opposite ends of its axis, its most northern and southern points.

What is a wooden pole called?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for WOODEN POLE [caber]

How many poles are there?

Four North Poles. We are so used to the concept of there being two unique points of the globe where all time zones and Earth’s axis meet – the North Pole and the South Pole.

What is angle between the pole?

Angle between pole and stay is 30 °

Who owns the utility pole?

Many of the poles are jointly owned between PG&E and other companies, such as AT. Joint owners are members of the Northern California Joint Pole Association. Any added load to joint poles must meet the strength requirements set forth by California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) General Order (GO) 95.

What tree is telephone pole?

Poles are typically made from three species: Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar and Southern Pine. Logs that have the potential to become wood poles are selected in the forest, often while the trees are still standing.

What is the angle between the pole and stay a 30?

between 30 to 45 degrees
A common use for stay wires is in the electricity industry, using the wire to stay power poles and tower structures. The stay wire shall be used with a stay insulator at a height of 5 meters above ground level. An angle between 30 to 45 degrees shall be maintained between stay wire and the pole.

What is a consequent pole motor?

A Consequent Pole Winding is a three-phase AC induction motor winding that is concentric wound (coil inside of a coil), but it only utilizes half the coil groups of a Concentric Winding. In a Consequent Pole motor however, six coil groups are all connected to the same polarity.

What are consequent Poles in magnets?

A bar magnet is often purposely or accidentally magnetized so as to have both ends of the same polarity, and the center of opposite polarity. The center is said to comprise two consequent poles. (See Magnet, Anomalous.) How to pronounce consequent poles?

What is the meaning of salient pole?

Definition of salient pole : a magnet pole that projects toward the armature of an electric machine — compare consequent pole

What is the meaning of consequent?

English Language Learners Definition of consequent somewhat formal : happening as a result of a particular action or set of conditions : following as a result or effect Weather forecasters predicted heavy rain and consequent flooding.

When to use subsequent or consequent in a sentence?

There may be occasions when either subsequent or consequent would work (“her wounding and subsequent [or consequent] loss of blood”); your choice in such cases would depend upon whether you want to stress the order of events or the causal relationship between one event and another.